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By The Checkered Demon
Posted in Fiction on May 9, 2018 — 163 reads, 2 comments
Prologue Draft For The Upcoming Novella By Tony Cox And James LaFond
Posted in Fiction on Apr 23, 2018 — 214 reads, 1 comment
A Short Story By Teutonic Fist
Posted in Fiction on Apr 23, 2018 — 181 reads, 1 comment
In A Citay Not Far Enough Away
Posted in Fiction on Apr 6, 2018 — 376 reads, 4 comments
A Discussion Of Future Earth With An Insightful Reader
Posted in Fiction on Mar 25, 2018 — 329 reads, 2 comments
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He is a purpose-built time-jumper; a genetic reclamation asset created to kill primitive men, impregnate viable women, and abduct the most valuable children. Despite his origins he possesses human feelings, has absorbed certain ethics from those he had been designed to hunt, and has suffered a critical malfunction… Also see:
Original sketch by Joe Bellofatto

Guest Author Ron West

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