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Not To Worry—She's Cute...
Posted in Modern Combat on Sep 24, 2020 — 274 reads, 2 comments
Khartoum, Starring Charlton Heston:1966
Posted in Histories on Sep 21, 2020 — 167 reads
Posted in Modern Combat on Sep 10, 2020 — 327 reads, 1 comment
Notes On Encrypting Truth In A Gas Lit World: Impressions Of Victor Davis Hansen’s Lectures
Posted in Histories on Sep 8, 2020 — 330 reads, 4 comments
Profiles In Kinetic Inclusion, Conservative Delusion And Gash Intrusion
Posted in Modern Combat on Sep 1, 2020 — 412 reads, 2 comments
Daniel Boone And The Opening Of The American West By Kent Masterson Brown: 2 Part Documentary, 2014-15
Posted in Histories on Aug 24, 2020 — 214 reads
Duncan Walnut Breaking Down An Independent Report For The Crackpot And The Editrix From July 4
Posted in Harm City on Jul 17, 2020 — 502 reads, 1 comment
The Crackpot Meets His Grandfather?
Posted in Fiction on Jul 16, 2020 — 208 reads
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Plantation America
In this sequel to Black and Pale [also published in print as The Jericho Bone], Yusef, having survived the Egyptian Famine of 1201, seeks passage to India so he can find the woman he once saw in a flesh house tapestry and make her his—his carnal quest aided by the weird creatures stalking him across the Sinai at some sorcerer's behest.
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