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The Harm City Hoodrats Recover From Food Coma To Drop Three Bodies On Skanksgiving Weekend
Posted in Harm City on Nov 26, 2018 — 213 reads
Baltimore Puts 230 Desk Officers On Streets As Murders Mount: Jeremy Bentham & Justin W. R. Justice On Harm City Homicides
Posted in Harm City on Oct 19, 2018 — 340 reads, 6 comments
How News And Government Skulpt, Obscure And Lie About Violent Crime: With 2017 Murderbowl Final Scores
Posted in Harm City on Oct 10, 2018 — 290 reads, 3 comments
The Sun Smiles On The Harm City Hoodrats
Posted in Harm City on Oct 1, 2018 — 408 reads, 9 comments
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This omnibus edition includes the novella Fruit of The Deceiver (Book One: The Black Horseman), the novel Forty Hands of Night (Book Two: The Pale Horseman), the never before published vignette Seeds of The Deceiver, and the short The Song of Jeannot. Also see:
The Man Cave

Original sketch by Joe Bellofatto

The Combat Space

Baltimore Travel Guide

Guest Author Ron West

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