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~ Night Manger ~
Offered On This Site As On A Dark Altar Of Sorts By An Anonymous Sufferer
Posted in Fiction on Dec 13, 2019 — 362 reads, 1 comment
Crackpot Mailbox: Adel Delves Into The Graphomania
Posted in Blog on Dec 4, 2019 — 328 reads
Night Manger Scene #1
Posted in Fiction on Nov 18, 2019 — 235 reads, 2 comments
Red: Book 1 By Erique Watson And James LaFond
Posted in Fiction on Nov 16, 2019 — 195 reads
Plantation America
Luther receives a mysterious text on his phone, and his life begins unraveling. Can he halt his own spontaneous devolution? Ben has a good job, a great boss, and an even better wife. Then he cracks open a fortune cookie which contains a chilling message.
The Combat Space Harm City to Chicongo Dark Age The Man Cave Guest Author Ron West