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In Case The POZ Button Gets Pressed
Posted in Blog on Nov 12, 2020 — 278 reads
Completed Search For An American Spartacus On 11/7/20 Almost Midnight
Posted in Histories on Nov 8, 2020 — 326 reads, 1 comment
The Weekend Of 11/7-8/2020
Posted in Histories on Nov 6, 2020 — 373 reads, 1 comment
Parting Notes On American Implosion: August 25 Thru September 2, 2020
Posted in Blog on Sep 2, 2020 — 315 reads
A Man Question From Justin: Updated 1/8/22
Posted in Gaming on Apr 18, 2017 — 3343 reads, 5 comments
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Fantastic Voyage Revisited

The dreams James LaFond has allowed his readers access to are markedly energetic, vivid, and adventuresome in large part. While many of the dreams do contain violence, the violence rarely involves real bloodshed and murder, although there is one that comes close, as I recall. And a few of them are just simply downright childlike, fit as a fairy tale, touching, and charming.
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