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~ Chainmail Jockstrap ~
Danny Wrathbone And The Crackpot Oracle Invoke The Paternal Wisdom Of Chainmail Jockstrap
Posted in Fiction on Oct 30, 2020 — 313 reads, 1 comment
A Discussion Of Well-Marbled Human Livestock
Posted in Modern Combat on Oct 28, 2020 — 437 reads, 5 comments
Chainmail Jockstrap Gets Specific About Bantu Grill Removal
Posted in Modern Combat on Oct 25, 2020 — 325 reads, 1 comment
The Crackpot Comes Clean About His Literary Subterfuge
Posted in Fiction on Oct 23, 2020 — 215 reads
Plantation America
This troubling memoir chronicles the aggression of ideas that fuels the violence and inequity that engulfs us. The author recounts 24 tales of prejudice and hatred as he retraces his life from innocent boyhood, through a troubled youth and savage adulthood, and into fatalistic middle-age; a life lived within a violent, fractured, self-hating society at war with its own reason for being.
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