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Patsy Nordic Growing Up
Posted in Blog on Jan 2, 2021 — 415 reads
Night Song Of The Nords And A Trilogy Of Reverent Chandler, Malediction Song And Night Song Of The Nords Are In Print
Posted in Fiction on Dec 26, 2020 — 366 reads
And An Update Article By Sifu Jewell
Posted in Fiction on Dec 6, 2020 — 356 reads
Or A Man Named Property On Navigating Debt And Hysteria
Posted in Blog on Nov 26, 2020 — 406 reads
Four Overton Railroad Drafts Are Now Available, Complete With Typos
Posted in Blog on Nov 19, 2020 — 284 reads, 1 comment
In Case The POZ Button Gets Pressed
Posted in Blog on Nov 12, 2020 — 270 reads
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Luther receives a mysterious text on his phone, and his life begins unraveling. Can he halt his own spontaneous devolution? Ben has a good job, a great boss, and an even better wife. Then he cracks open a fortune cookie which contains a chilling message.
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