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Empires in Arms 21214 Variant
Victory Conditions and Play Modifications for the 2012-2013 NEBO Campaign
1. Concept
2. Victory Conditions
3. Use of the Political Status Display
4. Economic Assistance
5. Alliances
6. Declarations of War & Warring Camps
7. Minor Counties & Spheres of Influence
8. Naval Rules
9. Command Capacity
10. Amphibious Operations
11. Sieges
12. Peace Conditions
13. Accusations & Recriminations, or The Council of Europe
This variant is an attempt to fix the three major problems with E & A as a game: unrealistic political dynamics [that would, in game terms, leave Napoleon on his South Atlantic rock as the victor of his namesake wars]; a terrible naval system; and a medieval siege system.
Victory Conditions
1. The game is played from 1805 thru 1815.
2. Victory points are not calculated until game’s end.
3. Each player begins play by selecting his victory conditions from the lists provided by the GM, sealing them in an envelope, and dropping them in a ‘time-capsule’ guarded by Steve’s psychotic feline.
4. Each player selects a condition from each list: primary [3 VPs], secondary [2 VPs] and tertiary [1 VP].
5. These envelopes will be revealed by the GM at the Council of Europe.
Use of the Political Status Display
1. There is no economic manipulation.
2. Countries at war drift each turn.
3. The status modifier indicates nation’s level of minor country influence [see 6].
4. Land force morale is adjusted by .1 times the drift number.
5. Naval combat will be adjusted according to SJ’s naval rules.
Economic Assistance
1. Money may be given to allied and non-allied nations.
2. Money may be given during the economic phase, or during the reinforcement phase of any turn.
3. Money loaned may not exceed the GNP of the gifted nation.
4. A nation at war which receives a $10+ gift gains 1 PP.
5. A nation may not give and receive money in the same turn.
1. Creating an alliance earns 3 PPs for each allying player.
2. Breaking an alliance costs -5 PPs.
3. Breaking an alliance to avoid joining an aggressive warring camp costs -6 PPs
4. Breaking an alliance to avoid joining a defensive warring camp costs 7PPs.
5. If a royal marriage is in force an additional -2 PPs are lost.
6. After an alliance is broken by a nation that nation may not declare war on the former ally for 3 turns.
Declarations of War & Warring Camps
1. When war is declared upon a major power there is a general call to all allies, beginning with the allies of the defending nation; during which war shall either be declared, with the declaring nations joining the opposing warring camps, or alliances are broken.
2. Nations allied to both warring camps must respond first to the call by the defender; and second to the call by the aggressor.
3. Declaring war normally costs 0 PPs.
4. When France declares war it gains 1 PP for every nation in the rival camp.
5. When Britain declares war against any nation other than France it loses 1 PP.
6. A major power that is the first to have war declared upon it is considered the subject of an ‘unprovoked declaration’ and is granted 2 PPs.
Minor Countries & Spheres of Influence
Pending 9/19 meeting.
Naval Rules
We will be using SJs naval variant.
Command Capacity
1. Leaders commanding more corps than their tactical maximum score lose 1 point from their tactical rating for every 1-2 corps over maximum.
2. Each leader is permitted 1 cavalry corp that does not count against his tactical maximum.
3. Each subordinate leader permits the ranking leader to command 1-2 additional corps at no penalty.
4. Ranking leaders may have the following number of subordinates: A =3; B=2; C=1.
Amphibious Operations
Disembarked land forces, called upon to retreat from a field combat or trivial combat on the turn they have disembarked, are eliminated.
Sieges & Assaults
1. If honors of war are granted roll on the Siege Repercussions Table with a -2 modifier.
2. If the garrison surrenders roll on the SRT with a +2 modifier.
3. Besiegers may automatically ‘break in’ and assault.
4. A location may only be assaulted by a number of corps equal to the spires.
5. A leader of any rank or any ability with the besieged force will modify the attacker’s combat resolution die by -1. No corps need be present for this leader effect.
6. An un-blockaded port force also modifies the besieger’s roll by -1.
7. Before combat begins the attacker eliminates 1 SP for each fortress fleche. This does not affect morale levels.
8. Fortress defenses gain a +1 morale level on the defender’s combat table per fleche.
9. Assaults against a fortress subtract -1 from the casualty level of the attacker’s combat table for every fleche.
10. The attacker may break off combat after round one or two. This is a defeat. Roll on the SRT with the appropriate modifiers.
11. Any and all siege assaults will result in a roll on the SRT. Ignore Standard Rules for PP allotment.
Siege Repercussions Table
1: no change
2-3: -1 PP to loser
4-5: +1 PP to victor
6: no change
SRT Modifiers [not cumulative]
Honors of War: -2
Surrender: +2
No fleche: -4
1 fleche or besieged corp: +2
2-3 fleches, with or without corp: no modifier
Peace Conditions [modified]
1. B-6, there is no time limit on the Continental System. It only ends with the surrender of France and the removal of Napoleon.
2. Royal marriage gains +4 for the victor.
3. C-10 Forced Alliance: conditional [18 months] or unconditional [24 months].
Accusations & Recriminations, or The Council of Europe
The gaming session after the following turn [perhaps the same night if the final turn came early in the evening] shall be devoted to a subjective and objective discussion of each major power’s relative standing among its peers, and that player’s conduct. Alcohol is welcome but side-arms are to be left with your coachman.
The council will end with a vote for best played game, in which each player casts a single vote for a player other than himself. The resulting place standings will be retained as tie-breaker results in the case of any ties resulting from the revelation of the victory conditions, which shall be the culmination of the council.
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