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Poetic Justice
By American Psycho

American Psycho’s favorite stories involve liberals coming to see that their quest for increasing diversity to infinity is just and noble. Fuck, yeah:

“A Swedish woman was raped by an Afghan teenager while another masturbated and groped her breasts, a court heard. The victim reportedly campaigns against the deportation of migrants from Sweden and met the 18-year-olds outside a hotel bar on Boxing Day last year. Anwar Hassani and Fardi Hesari asked the woman, aged in her 40s, if she wanted to go back to their room, which is provided for unaccompanied minor refugees, in Ljungby, southern Sweden, just before 3.30am. Back at their room, she tripped and hit her head, the MailOnline reports. She felt dizzy and lay down on a mattress on the floor, when Hassani started touching her body. She pushed him away saying ‘I don’t want to’ but Hassani reportedly told her to ‘be quiet’ and raped her…. The victim told police that Hesari began groping her breasts while masturbating, and Hassani suddenly penetrated her anally.”

Ok, nothing unusual about that in Sweden. Are there any white women, or men that have not been raped?

Perhaps she felt incredibly guilty because of her white privilege, and may have increased her efforts to campaign against immigrant deportation. It’s just what white women do, their racial destiny.

Turd America

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BobMay 18, 2018 3:59 AM UTC

Scandinavian-style socialism set them up for this many years ago. The State's welfare weakened intra-family bonds, rival civic institutions. The Church of Sweden abeted the State in its Cultural Marxist agenda (the two were only recently separated). The media is controlled by non-indigenous citizens and promotes the same policies we witness enacted in all other European nations. Add to this the inherent naivety that goes with blue eyes....

A trip in, or to, Sweden could end badly.