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'This Bad Mofo'
Captain John Smith: The Inspiration for Solomon Kane and Conan?
This bad mofo, Captain John Smith, who is just a footnote in history, mentioned in passing in a Peggy Lee song, could have been the real-life Mattias Tannhauser.
Robert E. Howard could have mined this guy’s biography for additional story material, but he would have had to tone it down, because nobody would believe it.
The Deeds of Captain John Smith
Thank you, Shep. I have read Smith’s own account of his adventures. There were others as active in mercenary warfare as he was at the time. However, he engaged in wider ranging adventures than most, due, it seems, to his high intelligence and willingness to risk his life at sea. Smith comes off as a definite prototype of a Conan character in terms of breadth...
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