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'Kindred to My Soul'
James LaFond's impressions of This is A Young World & The Ages Stride on Golden Feet by Robert E. Howard
If you are a Robert E. Howard fan, all of my Robert E. Howard reviews have been for some while and will be posted under Lynn's care at the blogspot:
Reading from pages 84-85 of A Word from the Outer Dark.
This is a Young World is enough to make the jaded wince, such a celebration of youthful exuberance in the accursed and envious shadow of old priests and rulers, with full knowledge of the awesome age of the cosmos, but without the arrogant hedonism of the 1960s youth cult which still hold wicked sway over American ideas of being young and full of life, Howard's verse is not even anthropomorphic, but tellingly pagan, as he imagines himself swaying with the saplings, likewise young in the old world.
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