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Postmodern Sorcery
Achieving Dissident Ascent: In the Box 4

Do you believe in right and wrong?

Do you believe in thought over feeling?

Do you believe in nation over corporation?

Do you believe in culture and race over comfort and riches?

Do you believe in family?

Do you believe in individual identity?

Do you believe in truth over lies?

Do you believe in God over money?

Answering yes to any of the above, makes you an enemy of Modernity. Believing in more than one makes your existence progressively more toxic to the slavish body politic which is tasked with the enforcement of the reverse of all the beliefs above.

This is a beast that cannot be destroyed from within. It can only be taken over from within, and once the methods of control are seized by rebels within, they, like all revolutionaries before them, will be corrupted by the power they wield and the entire rancid system will lurch along like a scab-shedding ghoul until it is finally felled by an external force, natural or manmade.

Until that time the best a truth-seeker can do is preserve an alternative to the Lie which binds the mindless, so that the mindful of the future might have some means of self-inoculation against the renewal of the cycle of lies which is the sacred heart of Human Civilization. Two nights ago, at a bar in the high deserts of America, I made the mindful acquaintance of a man much younger and much smarter than myself, who told me of a common article of wisdom in his field of work—a field beyond my comprehension—that, in the Eye of the System, the negation matrix we call Civilization and suckle to as if the she-fiend is our true mother, that thought power, or a person’s power level, is a function of that mind’s ability to endure exposure to taboo thoughts, that the ability to “think outside the box” is so rare and so limited among humans, that most of humanity cannot bear to consider a notion or a truth counter to the mind control lies they have been weened and raised on, without suffering severe emotional distress.

This struck me like an epiphany that my task as a writer is not to reach people who exist in their mind within the Lie, subject to its taboos, but to write only for those who possess the powers of mind to think outside the box that is our social lie without running back to cling on its apron strings. Then came the realization that most of those people have yet to be born.

We, who defy the Sacred, many-tentacled Lie we were born to, have no ally more potent than the unborn.

That was quite a liberating realization.

The way forward with meaning awaits, well-illuminated by the hate of the hive mind.

Thank you, Satyr Maximus

The Great Train Wreck of the West

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KoanicSeptember 18, 2018 3:34 PM UTC

Take heart. The rifled gun barrel and two nearly-empty continents brought liberty to whites once. Now cyberspace is the empty continent, and new superweapons are forged to match the very Eye of Sauron.

I am in a position to know the technological balance of power, and say with confidence: We will win this round, though at present all seems darkness to most.