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Routine Clown Activity
NYPD Crowdbat Footage: 'A ‘Proud Boy’ Tactical Tendency?'
C. Collins
commented on
2:47 AM UTC
Via the NYPD, this might be a better video —definitely for an analysis of tactics but maybe also for social commentary purposes.
Am I seeing a ‘Proud Boy’ tactical tendency of first going for some sort of Muy Thai clench control over the opponent’s head and neck?
C., thank you for this fascinating look at a phenomenon, which, in honor of Collin Flaherty, I would like to call Routine Clown Activity. The two head grabs by the bearded ones, along with the action by the big man, going from ground-and-pound to standing back-leg round kicks to the prone face, suggest training in an MMA club, most of which use Muay Thai as their standup base. The head grab works even better one clothed and especially hooded individuals.
The, opposition, appropriately beginning the battle on the left of the screen appear to have trained as bicyclists and cross-fit members and demonstrate all the classic tropes of their kind:
-Less masculine
-Superhero attire
-Throwing objects as an antagonistic activity at the outset
-Weak pack instincts
-Poor cohesion
-Hopping around like birds
-A diminishment of aggression when unmasked
-Verbal post-scripting as retreat or pursuit
This all points to their role being the drawing out and identification of effective street-level political aggressors on the right for eventual 4:30 A.M. roundup and possible FEMA camp residency.
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ShepOct 17, 2018

"Let's see ya hop around now."
BobOct 16, 2018

Some similes are just so perfect they're cemented in for good. That's one. Congratulations.
responds:Oct 16, 2018

In their defense, Antifa & Proud Boys are providing us with Bonobo versus Chimp mock combat.
BobOct 16, 2018

"Hopping around like birds" - what a hilariously accurate and succinct description.
responds:Oct 16, 2018

They act just like starlings.
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