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Grog Character Sheet
For the Grog RPG
Identity: [home = “of,” and or “the:” ethnic, religious & political]
Caste:___ Age: ___[15-21 = full health, -1 toughness per additional 5 years until infirmity at 0, death at -6. At 0 lose 1 point per year. One may age a character at creation for additional skills as per margins listed under Combat & General skill.]
Strength:___ Intelligence:___ Agility:___ Toughness:___ Creativity:___
Looks:___ Personality:___ Honor:___ Luck:___
Survival Points
Vitality:___ [toughness] Energy:___ [strength, personality, luck]
Combat Skills: [every combat resolution is governed by a base characteristic, applied by characters unskilled in that category of combat, listed in brackets. For skill level effects see combat skill guide]
Empty hand:___ [toughness] Hand weapon:___ [luck] One-handed weapon:___ [agility] Two-handed weapon:___ [strength] Throwing:___ [personality] Shooting:__ [intelligence] Archery:__ [creativity, draw strength limits]
Combat Experience:____ [# of combats]
General Skills: [1 point per every 2 points of intelligence, +4 per every 5 years of age beyond 21]
[Creativity permits the character to apply a skill to solve a related or unrelated task as explained in action resolution.]
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