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Sissy, Please!
Why Do Right Wing Faggots Continue to Pitch the Falsehood of ‘The Athletic Master Race?’
I’m not going to answer that question.
Perhaps you might answer it after I demolish the idea spread by Stefan Molyneux, Richard Spencer and Various American Renaissance speakers that “blacks” are super athletes.
Since this is an insulting proposition to all of us I have slid in some sports that are not recognized by any athletic commission, though I drew the line at rat fishing.
With libertarian types like Molyneux there is the obvious liberal desire to be the big brained master mind in the ivory tower of power bossing the athletic orcs about.
Let’s divide sports by category and in each category I will list those “dominated” by people of African ancestry, followed by a list of sports dominated by others and by a third list of sports dominated by no particular race.
First, I must disclaim the use of meta-zoological races that do not actually exist, such as “black” and “white” and will instead use actual rather than fantastical overgeneralizations, such as European, African, Amerindian, Asian and Polynesian.
Team Ball Sports
African Dominated
-1. Basketball
-2. Football
Dominated by Other Race
-1. Hockey [more combative than basketball]
-2. Rugby [more combative than football]
-3-7. Also Lacrosse, polo, water polo, volleyball, Australian rules football
Dominated by No Race
-1. Baseball
-2. Soccer
-3-5. Also cricket, dodge ball and headhunting has not been dominated by any race
Individual and Pairs Ball Sports
African Dominated [0]
Dominated by Other [6]
Opportunity to play has a lot to do with these sports.
-1. Golf
-2. Tennis
-3-6. Ping Pong, badmitten, handball
African Dominated [6]
-1. Sprinting, short distance running
-2. Running, mid-distance running
-3. Marathon, long distance running
-4. Hurdling
-5. Long Jumping
-6. High Jumping
Dominated by Other [15]
-1. Swimming, short distance
-2. Swimming, mid distance
-3. Swimming, long distance
-4. Swimming extreme distance
-5. Extreme running
-6. Free running
-7. Triathlon
-8. Pole vault
-9. Ice Skating, all types*
-10. Skateboarding
-11. Skiing, all types*
-12. Surfing
-13. Diving*
-14. Climbing
-15. Obstacle courses
-* Since snow and aquatic access has some bearing on participation we are just counting winter sports as 1 category per type.
Strength Sports
African Dominated [1]
-1. Body building [the most useless strength sport]
Dominated by Other [9]
-1. Javelin
-2. Discuss
-3. Shot put
-4. Hammer throw and other hurling exercises
-5. Power lifting
-6. Weight lifting
-7. Extreme lifting [Met-Rex World’s Strongest Man]
-8. Gymnastics floor exercises
-9. Gymnastics apparatus
Riding Sports
African Dominated [1]
-1. Pornographic intercourse
Dominated by Other [5]
-1. Auto Racing [the many forms are counted as 1 due to lack of African opportunity]
-2. Rodeo [all forms counted as 1 due to lack of African opportunity]
-3. Bull riding [the most dangerous shit on earth]
-4.Horse Racing [all forms reduced to one due to European guilt]
-5. Sailing
Precision Sports
African Dominated [1]
-1. Elephant poaching with AK-47s
Dominated by Other [8]
-1. Skeet shooting
-2. Rifle shooting
-3. Pistol shooting
-4. Tactical shooting
-5. Meat hunting
-6. Trophy hunting
-7. Billiards
-8. Bowling
Combat Sports
African Dominated [0]
Dominated by Other [9]
-1. Folk wrestling
-2. Freestyle wrestling
-3. Greco-Roman Wrestling
-4. BJJ
-5. Catch wrestling
-6. Stick-fighting [all forms]
-7. Fencing [foil, epee, saber]
-8. Sambo
-9. Kendo and other Historical Fencing forms
Dominated by None [5]
-1. Boxing [despite modern mythology Blacks only dominated 3 of 17 weight classes]
-2. Kickboxing [all forms]
-3. MMA
-4. Judo
-5. Sumo
Summary of 80 Sports
About 20 specific sports have been eliminated due to limited African opportunity.
African Dominated Sports = 11 [including elephant poaching ad pornography]
Dominated by Non-Africans = 59 [including all extreme sports and virtually all strength sports]
Egalitarian Sports Dominated by No Race = 10 [including dodge ball and head hunting]
In the most MANLY sports, including boxing and MMA, there is no dominant race. Also, in the two most popular sports in the world, baseball and soccer, there is no dominant race. Why certain sissies and intellectuals wish to convince us that people of African descent are an athletic master race is open to question. What is not open to question is that most sports, particularly the most dangerous sports, the most strength-oriented and the most violent sports do not favor Africans. Most importantly is the very clear fact that the heavyweight divisions in boxing, MMA and kick boxing see standout representation from multiple major racial groupings and that men born to our various races should not be dissuaded by philosophers and politicians into thinking that they cannot seek to test themselves in the most rigorous disciplines.
In the end, the question that comes most keenly to mind is this: Why has our ruling media elite chosen to downplay sports in which people of European descent excel, such as strength sports and precision sports for basketball and football? I suspect that it is because jumping triggers emotions in the viewer that make him more likely to be susceptible to advertising, for these ball sports only thrive as advertising platforms where more aggressively dynamic combat sports command the pay per view dollar.
This is another example of how our media and intellectual classes distort reality for the purpose of keeping different types of underclass people at each other’s throats.
Postscript from Shep
Please add to the list of professional athletics dominated by “Other”:
U.S. Navy SEALS: 1% black in the officer corps, 2% black in the enlisted ranks.
USAF Pararescue: One (1) black total out of nearly 700 “PJ’s”
U.S. Army Special Forces: 5% black in both the officer and enlisted categories
Source: USA Today article, 2015.
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Mike_CJune 23, 2019 6:10 PM UTC

Athleticism and being good in "sports" is probably a stand-in for masculinity and self confidence, though the surrogacy may be subconscious in the mind of the loser pushing the "black supremacy" message. How does this benefit the negrolater? (As in idolater being a worshiper of idols, a negrolater is a worshiper of ... you can figure it out.) Well, if it's a deterministic racial thing, then the negrolater's no longer personally on the hook for his failure to be masculine or self confident. "Why, I'm a slump-shouldered, hollow-chested, small-dicked whiteboy who can't jump [1] or get girls, but hey, it's NOT my fault. Whew, it's all genetic [2]!"


[1] The movie "White Men Can't Jump" came out in 1992. Can you imagine the shit storm (at any time) if a movie were to be called "Black Men Can't ..."?

[2] Of course only athleticism is genetic. Things such as intelligence and impulse control are self-evidently ENTIRELY 120% environmental. And if you think otherwise you are a Nazi Cossack Klansman.
Bryce SharperJune 10, 2019 4:47 AM UTC

This is what frustrates me about Right Wing Faggots. Let's accept, for the sake of argument, that blacks are genetically better at sports. So what? How does that change whether you get up every morning and work at improving yourself? These faggots are adopting the victimhood mindset of the Left and it's effeminate.
LynnJune 8, 2019 9:15 PM UTC

Interesting to note that the sprinters are largely a particular group of West Africans that took hold in North America and Jamaica, while the distance runners are altitude-adapted East Africans, two totally separate groups.

Also, please please please, I beg you, all men, stop fetishising African men's sexual appeal. Take it from me, one woman of varied Euro stock, the Aryan man is the most attractive in every way.
responds:June 9, 2019 10:33 AM UTC

A brutha neva can catch a break—Stevedore, back on the case.
Boswald BollocksworthJune 6, 2019 3:36 PM UTC

Congoids dominate cornerback, wide receiver and tail back in Yank Football but, west Eurasians can reach the highest levels in all other football positions. Moreover you have the New England Patriots, hands down the Eurasianest team in modern NFL history, dominating the whole league for over a decade. Congoids totally dominate basketball and sprinting but as you say, it’s very much competitive elsewhere. A lot of their over representation in say football might have to do with opportunity cost for ghosts people. A lot of guys could have played D1 football, maybe bloomed late and got into da league, but decided to focus on class and get an upper middle class bug person career, or live in basements playing video games.