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'That Fixed Position'
Self-Reliance: Can Preppers Really Feed Themselves? – The Modern Survivalist

Jun 11, 2019, 11:57 PM (8 hours ago)

Is there a dollar store nearby?


Everything scales down to boxing or strip clubs. But this isn't economics, so let's stick with boxing.

If you are fighting a heavyweight and you are a welterweight you have to get off the X. You must move and cannot stay there and battle it out.

How did people survive in tribal times when invaders came?

They either migrated like the Crow did when dealing with the Sioux or they allied like the Crow did by allying with the U.S. army when dealing with the Sioux, Cheyanne and Blackfeet.

Fortifying on the smallest scale has always been a last stand option, which means a losing proposition.

In terms of feeding yourself on a family level, a Mormon woman who I helped with harvesting and canning told me that her church had guidelines for pooling food storage resources in tough times.

Anyone with food stockpiles and farms will be targeted by raiders—mostly government raiders—just like the medieval peasant was in past times.

Speaking in tribal terms, keep in mind that the Navaho produced all the food they needed and were therefore taxed by the Apaches who demanded maize or war and the part-time fighters said to the full-time fighters—"Okay, scary little man, maize."

Fernando “FerFAL” Aguirre stresses relocation over combat, which brings me to the crux of right wing political activism: that it is a gambit to get the beleaguered producer to remain producing where he is, and therefore can be easily pillaged, by getting him thinking and acting along the lines that he can change feral postmodern society into something morally livable. The fact that over half of America hates some other half of America puts the lie to that notion. Yes, constant relocation is a state gambit for increasing real estate tax revenue and to enrich land speculators and bankers at our expense. But the alternative is to by that last lady on the block with the flower in her window while gangbangers dice, shoot, deal and fuck on the sidewalk three feet away.

The one aspect that should be hoarded is your store of human value.

When you show up on someone's porch at the end of days, will there be something you can do for them?

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Bryce SharperJune 14, 2019 11:46 AM UTC

This book covers nomadic survival: