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Hyperborea is Real
The Autumnal Son and The Crackpot Discuss Our Phony Origins

In your Plantation America work, the biggest thing has been the exposure of the depth of the Great Lie, that our history is at best willfully misunderstood and at worst a grand deception.

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Hyperborea is Real

Thu, Jul 11, 5:43 PM (15 hours ago)

Europe was the birthplace of mankind, not Africa, scientists find

The Autumnal Son

The Curtain of Ages Parts

I have just outlined a book titles Sons of Aryas, an examination of Western military methods. I intentionally chose to use Robert E. Howard's fanciful designate for a forefather of the Aryan peoples, which turns out to be a more authentic term than Indo-European, for the very reason that I regard academic opinion as it stands as the antithesis of the search for the truth, but rater the imposition of a false truth. Socialist class envy in academia cursed the idea of Aryan, which has been long thought to be a self-designating tribal term for "nobleman." The academic opinion is that this is too masculine, too extreme, too fascist, simply because some kooky fascists ascribed to this notion. Realistically, any term suggesting ancient nobility simply means warrior. The ancient Aryans, probably understood themselves and their rival cousins to be "The War Bands" or the warriors, particularly as imprinted in written literature by their agrarian slave elite scribes. To an ancient priest of a river valley civilization, being retained by the conquerors of his masters as a scribe and advisor, what else would his new masters appear to be but "the Warriors."

Barbarism interacts as a counterbalance to civilization was Howard's one guiding literary contention, and my every research project from Gilgamesh, to Ancient Boxing, to Plantation America, Beowulf and the Argonauts has not only borne out his naked Texas instinct, but has amplified it. As a proponent of Barbarism over Civilization, I must admit that the Aryan languages probably only got into written form at the hands of scribes assigning symbols to the spoken language of their new masters. Imagine, if you will, if the Spanish conquistadors of Central and South America had been illiterate horsemen from the plains of North America and that rather than wipe out a rival written suite of languages, they replaced the leadership and maintained the literate class as slaves to immortalize their deeds in writing. That is probably the closest thing to what happened from India to Ireland when the "war clans" rode in.

Concurrent with the contention that archeology tells all and language tells nothing that dominated post WWII academia [now discredited by wider ranging digs and the matching up with DNA and language drift] was the idea that war is modern, that ancient peoples traded and intermarried and engaged in cosmic group-hug therapy, contrary to everything we know about people at that tech level. In primitive societies the hero is the warrior who journeys to the edge of collective experience and ascertains a view of that which lies beyond, that is why academia has sought to slaughter the hero along with the truth.

The crowning lunacy of research into human origins as always been the contention that man was born in Africa, based on no other reasoning that the only concerted search for human origins has been conducted in Africa! This seems to have based as much on the ease to which European academics have been able to lay claim to African heritage as something that might be carted off to museums with minimal fuss than any scientific logic.

The link above that provides evidence that modern humans and Neanderthals were fighting over Europe as much as 200,000 years ago, explains a lot about the persistence of the hairy forest man from the wastes persisting in Eurasian myth from Humbaba to King Kong. No investigation of the unique character of Eurasian warfare can afford to ignore the epochs of struggle between Neanderthals and Modern Homo Sapiens.

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