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'Get Over Hear, Dude!'
Crackpot Mailbox: Beta PIGs versus Mystery Meat

Lynn Lockhart

Jul 9, 2019, 5:14 PM (5 days ago)

Yikes this video. People will be interested in your analysis about the four cops, the commands, etc. Be careful your ears it's loud.

Lynn, I don't know enough about drugs to guess about what was the stoning agent here, but these guys had their brains numbed by something. If it wasn't for the axe I would have thought that the pigs were bullying them over trying to reheat their White Castle burgers with a lighter and hair spray.

The cop voices were weak and were further undermined by failure to enter. The tentative holding of the axe in the hands of the glazed-eyed first nation guy, switching hands absently and failing to grip it in a combat orientation but rather holding it mid-haft like some fetish, was not as frightening as the cracking of the faggot cop's voice and the high level of emotive and unprofessional language while pointing firearms.

Why must cops always scream and curse?

Is it an urban contagion?

The high pitched, cracking and repeated passive pleading of the cop, telling the man to "Come right here, now," was weak and the failure to entry—which probably was reasonable, especially for cowards—guaranteed that this aborigine would not feel compelled to comply, especially in some mind-fucked state.

He took those rounds well and kept twitching that axe hand even after getting hosed down the second time—which seemed really unnecessary. He gets extra points for heroism. Perhaps a 45. auto manufacturer might use this video to demonstrate the need for larger caliber service pistols and reference the Filipino Insurrection and the reason for the 1911 Pistol—namely knocking down stoned jungle people.

I have a sense that more police pleading and whining, less forceful approaches and the ever-lessening respect for the law slaves in blue will bring an increasing cascade of such incidents.

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