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Urban Survival Tips - Bus
Crackpot Mailbox: Mike Needs to Know How to Survive the Train to Yo
Urban Survival Tips - Bus
Thu, Aug 15, 1:05 PM (4 days ago)
What is your MO while using public transportation - particularly city buses? What do you do to minimize the risks of being preyed upon by urban predators while boarding, riding and exiting buses?
Best regards,
- Mike
I'll give you the threat progression, with a 1-3 threat scale
1= unlikely to occur
2= eventually this will happen
3= "danger, danger, Will Robinson!"
Keep in mind that video arrays on mass transit has cut down on bus violence where it exists, driving the crime to the 3 areas. This change has occurred in my lifetime, from being on the bus most dangerous to waiting for the bus being most dangerous.
Walking to the bus stop: 2
Traveling a regular route on foot guarantees that you will eventually be ambushed by ferals or swooped down upon by car-mobile predators of opportunity.
I use cover on the side of the road in the suburbs where most hunters are car borne and walk in the street in the city where most hunters are on foot.
Waiting for the bus: 3
Welcome to the jungle, paleface.
Never let a person get within two steps of you.
Keep a pole to your back or use the flank of a bus shelter to deny one approach.
Never wait inside the bus shelter.
Look left, right, behind and ahead every 15 seconds.
Pace and prowl, shaking your hands and shoulders out to be ready for action.
Visualize killing every man who comes into your visual field.
Use backpacks as posts and shields depending on other cover options. Don't wear it on your back, sling it or drop it.
Boarding the bus: 1
Get on last, always.
Once the bus accelerates, the person in the front has the advantage.
On the bus: 1
Sit either across from the back door or on the first forward-facing seat.
These give you high-leverage options.
When the bus accelerates, hit the man behind you.
When the bus decelerates, hit the man in front of you.
When the bus breaks knock the guy in front of you the fuck out.
When the bus banks out into traffic hit the guy on the street side.
When the bus banks into a stop, hit the guy on the stop side.
Sit in an aisle seat so you don't get trapped. Most folks like window seats so this is easy.
Sitting on one of the three seats across from the back door enables you to bail easily and shove standees out the door.
When fighting hold onto a pole with one hand and hit with the other.
Sitting in the back of the bus ups your street cred if you are cool and dangerous looking.
Offloading: 3
They can see you and hear you coming from blocks away and will pretend to be waiting for another bus or loitering in civilized settings. In Baltimore, they will peer into the bus to see if you are offloading and then zip up their hoodies and drape their hoods and put their hands on the guns and knives in their pockets.
When you get off the bus, the back door usually gives you more options and make sure your mindset is: Guadalcanal, Anzio Beach, Omaha Beach, Inchon—fucking crash landing with on an alien planet with Vin Diesel!
This is how I survived mass transit for 23 years. The first 15 years in Baltimore, working nights, I only walked.
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