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Sons of the Slaughtered
Are the V4 and the Kosovo War An American Coincidence?
The subject of the V4, an organization of cultural preservation and ethnonational interest consisting of The Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary and Poland, which now defies European Union mandates to replace its indigenous population with people from the Middle East and Africa, is very difficult to search on google. I used other search engines to get access to the best recent articles and was reminded of a jingoistic movie of the 1990s about a downed U.S. pilot and of a CNN crusade against the Nazism of the Serbs, who were billed in the media as brutal Aryan war criminals slaughtering helpless flower-bearing Muslim Albanians in Kosovo. This pretext to slaughter Europeans defending their relatives against Albanian death squads as if they were the aggressors in the conflict, was a rah-rah moment in recently forgotten American History, which I found absurd at the time.
It occurs now, after finding U.S. media interference with accessing Central European news concerning forced immigration of military age males in the context of Dark Age America, that the formation of the S4 seems to have predicted U.S. Globalist initiatives to replace Europeans with outsiders, with its formation coming only a couple years before the U.S. intervention in Kosovo to support ethnic-cleansing of indigenous Europeans by the foot soldiers of their most ancient enemies, the Turks.
To bring this full circle, when Roman military might was in decline, the ruling elite invited and also failed to oppose the invasion of territories under its rule by enemy peoples who had previously attacked the empire and been attacked by it.
Rome invited traditional enemy peoples to replace its subjects.
America and England currently invite millions of military age men from nations they formerly—and in some cases currently—attacked on the thinnest pretexts.
Are these the unconscious flailings of dying political giants?
Or are these the calculated machinations of a supra-national elite, who have employed machines and mercenaries to attack innocent barbarian nations [such as Somalia, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan and El Salvador] only to invite the sons of the slaughtered to replace their own underclass?
Perhaps, with the intact instinct of a self-ruled ethnicity, Poles, Hungarians and Czechs sensed that the soulless leviathan from the amoral abyss was thirsting for their identity in a way that the Soviets had only dreamed, and then took contingent action?
Song from No Man’s Land “uspavanka.”
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MRTSeptember 4, 2019 9:23 AM UTC

Bro my writing skills are not good enough to express how much i agree with you here. What is happening is beyond my comprehension, how can people not only accept their replacement but be active proponents of it.I gotta watch how i speak like walking on egg shells even to point out some facts. The Problem i guess is the 24/7 Propaganda and the spoiled lifestyles they have. They forgot that everything we have till now is built upon our blood and sweat.

The whole of the Northern Europe was attacked by the Turks (asians) since late antiquity , Ottomans were the last remainings and settled on the south absorbing the Byzantine empire. Albanians became muslim and were the Ottomans in the Balkans , somehow now are the poor pius muslims. Christian kids were taken as slave-warriors and force converted at a young age often to kill their real blood relatives btw this was in the colonial age, Christian white women were being stollen from Russia to Greece to Italy (even to Ireland sometimes) by muslims be it Moors or Turks to be made concubines. Ivan the Terrible destroyed the last turkic slave Bazaars. In my neck of the woods we were called by their word for cattle , we were commodity.

In my home country the military now takes the "Refugees" (Mostly men military age all non European) and settles them in the Inland in/near small cities, this is official not conspiracy theory, you cannot make this up.

What can we do about it? I guess it'll all come crumbling down when the economy hits the wall , but we won't be alone here!
responds:September 4, 2019 10:59 PM UTC

Thanks so much, Sir, for this.

I will rite an article on it.

Stay strong.