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Postmortem Hate Training Log
10:00 AM: ½ avocado, 2 pork chops, 2 eggs, 2 coffee
12:24-2:09 PM: walk 8 miles, dehydrated at 5, groin strain
5:30-40 PM: stretch
6:00 PM: large steak, 4 cups broccoli
6:29-7:34 PM: walk 4.5 miles
7:40-8:00 PM: physical therapy, each set 10-20 reps,
4 sets of plyo ham stretches,
2 waist rolls,
2 side bends,
2 shoulder rolls,
2 rotator cuff tilts,
2 incline pushups,
2 lateral hammer fists on timber, with each hand
I rolling shield boxing drill
2 heel-toe raises
1 static calf stretch, 3 times to a leg
The walking and other exercises are all at 6,400 feet, with the surface asphalt, road base and gravel on a 5-10% grade. In shorts, I get stones in my boots about every 2 miles and take them out by doing a standing stretch.
My best time for doing 2 miles on this course is 22 minutes.
My usual time is 24 minutes, on 4 in 6, single, 2-mile circuits.
My slow time is 26 minutes, twice as often as the 22 minutes, which I have only done twice in 30 circuits. I have done 25 minutes just as often and 23 minutes only once.
Most of the dogs hate me, but two old retrievers come out to be scratched behind the ears. The neighborhood is a mixture of horse farms with mansions and suburban ranch homes. I have just realized that I limit walking when in Baltimore County due to constant ebon threats and in Pennsylvania due to fear of red neck, drug-pushing cops. Walking in the west is made easy by motorists in white trucks who will ride in the center of the street to avoid you even when you are walking on the berm. Portland is also a great walking zone.
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