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Hive of Lies
An Offhand List of Foundational and Transformative Lies Believed by Most Americans
This list came to me an hour ago as I walked away from a mountain I had tried to climb, thinking it had 4 peaks from the west, but seeing from the southwest that it had 6 and I had stopped at about 8,000 feet, not 8,500. I also noted the herds of grass-fed beef, knowing that they were going to be “finished” on grain and rendered less healthy to eat, something illegal in Europe but legal in the U.S., where one can claim an animal was grass fed on semantics alone. Then came the rancher in his pickup truck and trailer to pick up a half-dozen horses with his loyal dog, who was nice and greeted me as did his master. Yet in the collective American Retard Mind, the rural European American is the most violent and rude person on earth, though I have yet to find even one.
1-Salt is poison, the worst thing you can eat, yet if I don’t eat any salt at my activity level I’ll be dead in 2 weeks.
2-Grainfed beef is supposedly grassfed beef.
3-Butter is poison and engineered spreads are healthy.
4-Eggs yolks are unhealthy.
5-Grains should occupy the majority of the diet.
6-Vegetables are more nutritious than animal foods.
7-We are bigger than our ancestors because we eat grains, when in fact humans always shrink and weaken on grain-based diets.
8-White men are the most violent humans, even though at 64% of Americans they account for less than half of murders and African Americans at 13% account for 56%!
9-Only one group of people, prominent in U.S. media and academia, were ever the object of genocide.
10-The Axis powers of WWII wanted to conquer the world, when in fact they allied as regional powers trying to stop globalization.
11-America had to enter WWI because of a German attack on an ocean liner.
12-America had to go to war with Spain because they blew up the battleship Maine.
13-America had to go to war with Vietnam because they attacked our ships in the Gulf of Tonkin.
Do we see any patterns here?
14-Only African Americans were ever held in bondage and only by European Americans.
15-The 14th Amendment abolished slavery, when it validated slavery for all time. [Read the amendment, Ham Slice!]
16-That the United States was founded as a nation for white men, when the term white men was only designated as to what race of Americans were to die fighting the home country and that most of these soldiers were barred from voting.
17-That free speech is upheld by the U.S. Government.
18-That European American slaves were called indentured servants in their own time, when they were not.
19-That bound servants transported to Virginia would be given 50 acres after they worked their way free, when in fat 95% were killed laboring, and the 5% who survived were either retained as unpaid servants or cast out as vagabonds in an economy with no wage work, only slavery.
20-That the first American slaves were African Americans owned by European Americans, when in fact the first American slaves were European Americans owned by Amerindians.
21-That the office of President of the United States of America is an executive branch of government when it is demonstrably a figurehead for the Deep State.
22-That I am “white” when I am beige.
23-That Oliver is black when he is in fact brown.
24-That Asians are somehow yellow when everyone I have met is more pale than I am.
25-That Indians in the Eastern Woodlands were red when every single historical depiction, written and drawn and painted depicts them European in appearance.
26-That cops only attack African Americans, when most of those they beat and kill are European Americans.
27-That police are supposed to protect and serve!
28-That the media’s task is to inform the public!!
29-The War on Drugs is not a war on the American people!!!
30-That government is for the people, by the people. The belief that the vast majority of government initiatives to fix this or that has always failed to achieve the stated goal, is because politicians are idiots, when in fact the real goal of the politician is to get rich telling you lies and make certain no problem ever gets solved, less he have no excuse to steal more money from you. The stalwart belief in the American mind that government exists to serve him is the doom song of this nation, the utter confirmation that we are a heard of drooling fools headed up the meat chute of souls.
31-That Kuwaiti infants were being killed in incubators in 1991, necessitating a U.S. invasion of Iraq.
32-That Arab terrorism against the U.S. in 2001, necessitated a U.S invasion of non-Arab Afghanistan.
33-That the U.S invasion of Iraq in 2003 was for some reason other than making Dick Cheney more wealthy.
34-That North Korea is a danger to the continental United States.
35-That Columbus discovered America when he was working from a Turkish map and Icelandic reports.
36-That Stone Age sailors from Asia could travel 5,000 miles by sea but that Europeans of Stone Age, Bronze Age, Iron Age and classical antiquity levels of sophistication, able to build and operated wooden ships as large as WWI battleships, were incapable of sailing out of site of the European coast, and were even incapable of being shipwrecked on North American shores!
I could continue, but it’s time for dinner.
All these things and more, the people of this idiot nation, founded on lies, expanded with lies and perpetuated with lies, do believe. Does any civilization consisting of such morons deserve anything other than to drown in the lies it’s forefather sowed as sacred truths?
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JOctober 7, 2019 2:00 AM UTC

A fascinating book about maps, in case you weren't already aware

Maps of the Ancient Sea Kings
responds:October 9, 2019 10:41 PM UTC

Thank you!
MRTOctober 6, 2019 2:14 PM UTC

"35-That Columbus discovered America when he was working from a Turkish map and Icelandic reports."

I wont give them anything , the "Turkish map" of Piri Reis is off course based on previous maps , remember this was the Mediterranean with a huge maritime tradition (Egyptians, Phoeniceans, Minoans, Greeks, Romans, Byzantines, Arabs, Venetians,Spanish etc.) and the Central Asians came much later without establishing a maritime power even their pirates were from converts (tbh most of them are locals who converted).

On all the other points i couldn't agree more with you James
responds:October 6, 2019 3:50 PM UTC

Sure, the Turks were just macro parasites like the rest of the House of Submission to God, pirating other races traditions. Hell, some of their admirals were first rate Atlantic raiders because they were Dutch!