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'The Mind and Soul of Men'
Crackpot Mailbox: the Exile and the Amphora Discuss Porn
Mon, Oct 7, 1:39 PM (3 days ago)
As November approaches, I would like to know your opinion on pornography. Is porn a mere commodity or is it a corrosive activity for the mind and soul of men as so many masculinity advocates claim?
Best regards,
The Exile
Sir, I'm not familiar with the cases made by the masculinity experts. I do recall the leader of the Wolves of Vinland writing that watching porn was just being a spectator to two pieces of "painted meat" rubbing together.
I once had a date with a lady, circa 1992, who wanted to go to a porn theater named The Earle, which had once been a legit theater. We went into this place and though she seemed intrigued I was primed to kill immediately. Three creepy old men ran this thing. They immediately told me that if "the lady" needed to use the bathroom she would have to be escorted and locked in. The theater was occupied by above five men and what was on the screen was a sword dance by a naked transexual with female uppers and male lowers. My lady seemed to think it was all very exotic and other worldly. I didn't realize that she was feeling good about my aggressive reaction to the surroundings, being young and dumb as I was.
I was looking around suspiciously at the shadowy man forms, a couple of whom had disappeared. Then I heard a hiss behind me and it was a black dude, with his hand in his lap, a little fat man, who says, as I unlatched the gravity lock on my Othello fighting knife, "Neva mine me. Y'all jus' do whateva ya was gonna do en I'll watch."
I snarled at him, "We came to watch the movie."
He apologized and disappeared, hobbling out of the theater.
I just prowled in my seat, glancing occasionally at the screen to see if a Barbie-like figure had appeared to be sacrificed to video and she could tell I was pissed and said, "You want to leave."
I relented and said, "If some bleach blonde with artificial tits is not getting fucked within five minutes, we're out of here."
More freaks danced and simpered on the screen. So, as we rose to leave, we noticed no one was in the theater but us and as we walked out through the lobby and the man leaned on his glass ticket both, we could hear the whining and grunting of men in different octaves echoing down the ramp from the mens' room and she giggled at my horrified look. I knew then that I was just being tested for protective instincts.
When I began writing counter culture content on the site circa 2013, I expressed concern to the webmaster about getting lynched in the media and he said anonymity was our protection, that nobody reads and everyone watches and as proof cited the fact that over 70% of internet bandwidth was occupied by porn. He gave me some site addresses to peruse, wanting me to write an article about the decline and fall or some such. I immediately veered away from the suggested article when I saw that the number one thing being pushed was the same thing that I saw on every network crime drama at my mother's, every local and sports newscast at the bar and in increasing numbers of Hollywood movies: blonde women and ebony men.
Everywhere I look, the fix was in. This was obviously Media State programming.
This brings to mind the only virgin that I ever accepted—something I avoided on a few occasions as "stage 5 clinger" material, an ebony woman who had spent some years saving herself for a man. She had not wanted to be a disappointment for whatever man she selected, so confided in me that she had used porno films to observe as a mating study so that she would know what to do with a guy. She complained to me that it was difficult to find movies with ebony girls and ivory guys, that they were like 1% of the opposite. Based on her performance, she must have taken excellent notation and the experience of viewing these things did not seemed to negatively effect her sexuality. Of course, this doll was a woman, passive, submissive. Watching and learning, rather than doing and learning, worked for her.
In conversations with men on this subject, I have had five men who should have been fathering families or enslaving estrogen wells confide in me that they were either sexually dysfunctional and needed some kind of extreme porn to get an erection or were celibate and masturbating to porn rather than dealing with the rancid well of American womanhood.
So, from my experience and conversations with porn users, I don't see viewing porn as bad for women, but do see it as bad for men. I think this across the board, with other aspects of life. I think that watching prizefights and not fighting is fine for women, but that watching fights and not fighting or not having fought, for men, is toxic.
I would not be surprised to find out that the same people who own and traffic in American political opinion via news, education, sports and entertainment are also involved in banking and porn. I find it telling that although adults are not permitted to read some of my historical and social opinions that have been censored by these Media Titans, that children are permitted by these same corporations to view homosexual gang rape.
The fix is surely in.
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TonyOctober 10, 2019 12:40 PM UTC

I've heard stories from women in the last few years of men in their 20's and 30's being unable to achieve erection while in the presence of a living breathing woman, while the same men have no problem getting aroused while viewing pornographic images alone. I have a hunch that the consuming of internet porn starting at a very young age is the biggest contributing factor. It all ties into a deeper disconnect with reality I suspect.

I recently read of a proposed study on the psychological effects of viewing internet porn. The university that was to conduct the study had to cancel, as they were unable to find a control group of American males age 18-50 that did NOT consume pornography in the last six months or whatever it was.

I just watched my first porn a few days ago. I looked so much younger back then.......