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Parthian Shots
Crackpot Mailbox: News from the Etherbox as Harm City Looms on the Low, Sooty Horizon...

Our friends like to keep us informed of the little viewed news—and I thank them.

Shay Webbie - Shay Webbie was live.

Thu, Oct 10, 3:36 PM (20 hours ago)

Sent from Riley

"put ya clothes back on" recored live - YouTube

12:19 AM (11 hours ago)

Sent from Riley

Hell has no fury like a woman scorned

Thu, Oct 10, 7:23 PM (16 hours ago)


Bob Butcher

Thu, Oct 10, 2:39 AM (1 day ago)

The predators of Oz:

Steve Stingray

Nice two on one fight

The Autumnal Son

Thu, Oct 10, 6:19 PM (17 hours ago)

The Yeti won this in my opinion!

Watch "Black Pilled" on YouTube

The Autumnal Son

Sun, Oct 6, 10:34 PM (5 days ago)

The Harm City Hoodrats are leading the Urban League Murderbowl rankings again with three killings this Thursday, with 11 killings in the first 10 days of October, for 267 killings on the year.

New draftees from the Latino League are beginning to lend a hand, with stabbings continuing to rise.

Of 11 killed 10 are race unknown, reflecting a staggering in ability on behalf of BPD officers to look at a dead body and declare, as in days of yore, "Oh, dis nigga dead!"

Apparently, homicide investigations are beginning with, "What da fuck kine a mystery meat is he: Chinegro, Cablinaisan, Filaqueeno, Slackteeno—or jus' another double-stuff Oreo?"

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