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"I'm starting to love you too much"
Crackpot Mailbox: Big Brained Nimbus Dating Advice from a Caveman
"I'm starting to love you too much"
Thu, Oct 24, 7:56 PM (13 hours ago)
Hey James, Carlos the Big brained nimbus from Toronto here.
Recently I've been using a dating app to meet women on, and I've managed to find 3 regulars I see every week. However, I've also lost some girls along the way, even though things seemed to be going great. One girl in specific said that because she was going to be moving soon, wished to keep our relationship sexual only, even though I expressed interest in dating. I was fine with this. 4 is cooler than 3. Eventually she told me one day with her titties out on my couch at my place "I'm starting to love you too much", and it just fizzled out after that day.
At the time I found it really bizzare, and some dates I went on gave me a similar feeling. Another girl was "shocked" that I put my arm around her, and was even more upset when I said that as the guy "I obviously have to make the first move". "Well women can do that too" and blah blah blah after that. Those are the main two that really stick out to me from these meetings with women I've had, some seem to be really offended at me being a man and I can't quite put my finger on it. I would also add I'm never pushy with girls once I get a hint they dont like me. So that
Are they offended at me being a man, and think we're somehow equal, especially when it comes to engaging in action?
Do they want someone they can control and can't make them feel like a girl?
Why exactly are these abominations so out to emasculate me into something they wouldn't find attractive anyways?
Carlos of the Big Brained Nimbi, the loneliest race one earth, never fear, for a fresh nubile is always near.
Last first:
Masculinity is a violation of Modernity, being the female religion, but they crave it like a Christian craves sinful things.
They want someone they can control and will then despise he who they control for losing his masculinity, so a treaty is on order.
These abominations are doing their sacred, civic duty. They are creatures of loyalty and they have been raised to adulthood by your metaphysical enemy. They are not traitors or abominations in their own eyes or in the Eye of Modernity, you are! So it is up to you to manage the minefield of your relationships. You do battle on a field prepared by the enemy and peopled by its slaves.
Okay, Bitch4, when she made up that bullshit about moving, was trying to stave off the final act you described on the couch. Either it was your radiant data-saturated nimbus of light suffusing her with pleasure or your brain isn’t the only expansive aspect of your being. Women are natural dick-slaves and she was afraid you would enslave her. This is called “babydaddy complex” in Ebonia. Women used to be enslaved economically when men just mounted them, got off, got off and rolled over to sleep. But since the invention of dating and freestyle courtship, men of superior type have discovered that they can enslave women sexually and have developed into a great threat to the tender denizens of Suffragette City.
A practically minded ebony bitch would have said, at this point, “Yo dick is too good I’m about ta get stupid. If I catch any otha bitchez skulkin aroun I’ll cut dey titties off. But if you stay true I’m your ride or die girl—I will suck the Devil’s dick for you.” Something like that is what Tina once told me, when she figured out that lying with me was threatening her lesbian identity which protected her from men.
Of course, ivory women have been brainwashed into rationalizing away their natural vulnerability. However, being prey animals, designed to be raped by us and hence dependent upon some of us, they can’t shake their psychological survival instincts. When she lied about moving she meant, “I’m thinking of moving away from here because your dick is too good and my IQ is going to plummet by two standard deviations every time you walk through the door.”
At this point, you should have upped the level of social intensity of sexual contact and used your latent anger at her deception to give her what she wanted, which includes some hair pulling, a hand on the throat, slapping her ass—basically making her have more orgasms and at the same time giving her total social space outside the sexual arena. I’ve had a relationship with a married woman on this basis for 28 years and it has saved her marriage and kept her from going insane. Every time I stopped seeing her she left the poor sap. Once she can trust you to fuck her brans out and not insinuate yourself into the rest of her life, she will begin seeking you as a mentor in times of crisis, a daddy figure if you will.
When women expose their tits, like when the wing girl of Tony Cox’s date flashed her tits at me in a bar in Lovell Wyoming, she is making a sign of “giving” letting you know she is available. This bitch just wanted you to rape her on the couch and tell her to leave—and she would have come back. What she feared was the possibility of your sexual dominance bleeding over into her Sacred Socio-Religious Space, which is the self-worship of herself as a little socio-economic goddess inculcated by Modernity as a cog in its gear box.
Now, once she has asked for minimal intrusion and at the same time offered herself like this [you should have titty-fucked her right there] her wrath or disillusionment are assured if you do not partake. The fizzling of the desire was on your part first and infected her, since she is your sex slave who needed to be needed and hoped to be used only in a specific context. Keep a bitch like this around and use her, which is what she wants. I have a hard and fast rule of no sex on the first meeting, so, when I told Tony’s prospective girl’s wing girl, “You’re a fine looking girl but I’m a man who takes my time,” her tits hanging pear-shaped before the dart board, she turned her wrath on Tony and became the cock-blocker from hell—sorry, Bro. So, what you did on that couch was what I did on that barroom floor, only it was Tony who didn’t get laid, not me. I was in monk mode in a strange town, only concerned about not getting stomped out by a pack of cowboys. But, in your home town, you should have spanked her and kept her on the string that she offered.
No worries, you’ll get another sex slave. Bitch4 was just practice, unless she shows up at your door…
Keep in mind that there are the opposite girls, the ones who just want the daddy part and use sex to get it. Once you deduce this you can let them off the sexual hook and just be daddy and you will find out how useful it is to have loyal females in your life that you don’t have to fuck. Because, when you fuck them, it sets them crazy and they go deeper into you or off the deep end, and, well, you just want a hot meal, your clothes washed and an alibi for when you get in trouble.
Currently, in my home town area—the Mid-Atlantic—I have two slave girls and two laundress-cooks-seamstresses-safehouse hostesses, and it works fine. I once got seduced by a bitch whose boyfriend was in prison and we spent two weeks together. Dude, she was like trying to get on a pair of shoes three sizes too small. It turns out she had only been with guys with micropenis disease. Seriously, I almost broke my shit in half breaking her in. Well, one day, while the big fat hag downstairs was banging on the ceiling with a broomstick complaining about the headboard clatter, something finally gave and Little Sushi looked up with big brown eyes while she extracted her fingernails from the gashes she had dug in my chest and said, “You finally broke me in. I’m yours. It’s been like getting raped by an alien for two weeks and now I’m free.”
I felt like King Kong.
Then the phone rings.
Her old man was getting released from the Joint and she looks at me and tells me I can wait at the door and “kick his ass or get the fuck out.”
I had a two-year-old son at home and was not about to spend time behind bars for engaging in a white trash war with old Needledick, only to get released and have to fight some bigger-dicked young stud to get back into her apartment, so I walked and she never forgave me. This bitch hates me to this day. After Needledick found himself needing a life preserver to get hauled out of my recently-drilled estrogen well, she even brought me other girls, brought chicks to my work sites, asking me if she gave me her friends if I would fuck her on the side. [One of those girls kept hounding me so, yeah, when I gave in that pissed her off even more…] You see, where Little Sushi went, in her downward spiral because she had finally bagged a guy who hadn’t shrunk his junk with cigarettes, cocaine and alcohol? That is where every woman is afraid to be taken and then abandoned.
In combat sports one will note that weakness causes pain as the body collapses around the void caused by an injury. Well, that is every woman’s soul, a pain-sensitive spirit, softness wrapped around a yawning weakness yearning to be penetrated by a man with the capacity to keep her from collapsing when he enables her to achieve her vulnerable state.
Okay, the other bitches [I could care less about them. Tits sounds like my kind of girl.], like the girl shocked that you put your hand around her, she is suffering under her post-cultural conditioning, what Zman calls the “war against women” and their internal identity. She is not a rational creature but has been convinced she is. She is a bag of emotion, a shapely sack of tears ready to drain her hopes and dreams into the sewer of reality if you pierce her. Catch and release, show mercy, and don’t fuck her. But, if you do decide to keep her, never speak to her about ideas other than to prop up her delusions. Don’t say, “I’m the man so I should make the move,” and don’t say, “I’m sorry,” but say, “Really, with such shapely shoulders you expect me to keep my hands to myself? Of course, if that’s the way you want it I’ll respect that…”
I suggest putting the hand above her far hip in open areas and only cupping her far shoulder while pushing sissies aside and opening doors.
Look, the one place where the management mentality makes sense, is in wrangling frails. The management society we live in is toxic to men because it has been developed to deal directly with women and eventually eliminate men by cutting their dicks off before puberty and/or drugging them into dronish conformity. The weak aspect of this system is the lack of men to provide supported vulnerability, the absence of which causes harem building on one hand and bitches going karazeee on all sides! Most women are on drugs by their late 30s just to maintain sanity. So, with the indoctrinated frails, never debate or discuss ideas in an open format, but reassure their delusions. Dude, they cannot handle reality. To red pill a woman is to black pill her. Protect her by finding the points of your compass which can be used to shore up her necessarily false sense of reality without outright lying. You know, that Modern Democratic Western Society is based on one thing only, the fact that women do not understand power and are therefore the most valuable voters. This apex phase has been engineered by making the woman the pillar of parental guidance and emasculating men to the point that most of them also do not understand power, which is our natural function! Whether it is the welfare mother keeping the father away, via her bully the State, from guiding his son, or the economic machine keeping the father away from his son by working 70-hours a week, this has been achieved. And this makes you premium companionship for the suffering frails of Modernity provided you manage them effectively.
I have a wonderful relationship, a daddy relationship, with one of my fighter’s women, who, if she knew what I believed in would run screaming for the nearest door. But she is the perfect girl for him, so what do I care that she would regard me as Satan himself if she knew what was in my heart? Not only does she not need to know, it would constitute a sin for me to inform her that a crusher of innocence darkened her door, when all she needs to now is that I have her man’s best interest deep in my dark heart. That good men like her mate need evil allies and predatory mentors to prevail in an evil world is not something she is equipped to understand without losing her mind, so I mercifully conceal the truth from her tender mind.
What I have outlined here is not a recipe for finding the mate you want, and yes these women have been reverse engineered to emasculate you and if successful will despise you. They are mindless vehicles for the will of their elite masters or for your more specific will. They are the field where you battle the System which has evolved to eradicate you and yours.
You can develop the skill sets you will need to have a traditional mate only after you have test driven the various maimed minds and overwrought bodies that our eternal whore Fortune has washed up on these barren shores. Don’t turn your sparing partners into opponents, turn your opponents into sparring partners and grow.
Good luck, and don’t neglect those tetons—most men do and most women don’t fail to notice.
My apologies to Big Tony—she was a doll, wasn’t she?
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