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'Impersonal Forces'
Aldous Huxley interviewed by Mike Wallace : 1958 (Full)
"Impersonal Forces" and "Devices" rather than focusing on evil individuals, like assholes with weird mustaches, marks Huxley as a media heretic who suspects forces and systems and technologies and balances instead of being our Sword of Damocles, rather than cleaving to the orthodox theory of the villainous individual.
Huxley was right, as right as Orwell, and he actually looks at technology as potentially tyrannical, in terms of propaganda, where most academics see a unique evil in the person of a certain tyrant rather than an advancing system of brainwashing. The old fictionalist was more right than he knew, predicting drug use and media tech as systems of social mind control. He was impressed by the use of unopposed media propaganda. How he might have been astounded by our system of false polarity propaganda.
This interview is all the more excellent as Huxley discusses George Orwell's work in 1984. With his reading of humanity including the already domesticated state of man, pointing towards slaves that will "love their slavery." Most astute was Huxley's understanding that the American populace would be the center of a future totalitarian media state, due to advertising men getting into politics and managing politicians as puppets.
Cannon fodder of Europe being transmuted in America as TV fodder demonstrates Huxley's level of perception in terms of the future, as being a tyrannical information society.
The old Brit nailed it in the dark.
"Being persuaded below the level of choice and reason," is the best description of advertising science I have imbibed.
Thank you, Mike Wallace, you lying, twisting, shilling, shape-shifting piece-of-shit. Thank you sincerely for broadcasting a real voice once upon a time
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