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Back on the Overton Railroad
Sorry folks, scampering to Safe House #76.
I won't be posting or answering comments until Friday, November 8th.
Thank you all for your support.
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Fellow artists who read this blog and in no way support my crackpot view of the world.
Nathaniel Lucas
For My People and other poems
Myth of the 20th Century
We also have a new and fairly popular writing site for various dissident authors if you wanted to put out anything there:
-Adam Smith of Myth of the 20th Century
Five Guns West
Ron West
Read contrarian counter-intelligence at
Faith, Family Survival
Big Tony's blog
Randy Sterling Bracken
Dennis Dale
The American Muse/Clued
McWopski's Place
‘Graphic Storytelling’
A Crackpot Podcast Listener Who Does Heroic Sketches
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