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Our Junk in the Social Trunk?
Crackpot Mailbox: Why Are Dicks Being Cut Off At Record Rates?
Mon, Oct 28, 6:59 PM (11 days ago)
Not sure what to make of this trend of dick attacks and chopping; clearly the master's analysis is needed.
Dick Bobbitt
Mister Bobbitt, I believe it was 20 years past when an Asian woman improved on the American method of cutting her husband's junk off and throwing it on the 7-11 lawn, by flushing it down the toilet. More recently, the Medical Establishment has usurped this role and has expanded the honor of cutting off unwanted dicks to mothers. Ideally, the Corporations and their subsidiary governments will soon take over directly the necessary business of docking human males. Sir, humans are livestock and what species of beast has man permitted to maintain itself in a masculine state as a general condition?
How many bulls to cows?
How many rams to ewes?
How many stallions to mares?
How many rappers to hoes?
If we are to corporations and governments what herds are to ranchers—and we are—than how should we expect better treatment than steers?
One must be a ram, a bull a stallion.
Would you not agree, Dick, that you and I and the readers on this site should be the only men with functioning cocks to service the 4 billion-cow herd of frail humanity?
I'll trade you Brazil for Norway.
Is it a deal?
Progress is a wonder!
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TonyNovember 8, 2019 1:06 PM UTC

The severing of a husband's penis by his wife is a national past time in the Philippines, as is keeping ducks in the yard. In order to prevent the member being reattached, Filipina women have learned to throw the severed penis into the yard, as it will be instantly eaten by a duck. This has led to a phrase, when a man is out drinking with his buddies, he will announce that it is getting late, and he'd better head home, or else his wife will have something to feed the ducks.