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Crackpot Phonebooth: Toker Discusses Post-Apocalyptic Transit
I’m done with Kawasaki. This thing is way too top-heavy and I can’t trust it for a six-hundred-mile run. I was discussing the purchase of a good motorcycle from a homosexual military officer. He made a joke that I could fit my fat biker woman on the back, which I did not appreciate. I find dealing with homosexuals very stressful and distasteful. Perhaps the most vicious thing about them is that they murdered a beautiful word. Gay used to mean pleasant levity, happiness and sweet living. Yet these sodomites appropriated that word for their perversions, and they are the most bitter, unhappy and sour set of people one could have the displeasure of running into.
I think the future of bikers as a social estrangement statement is not with the clown gangs—imagine if you could have gotten mafia guys to parade around wearing suits with MAFIA emblazoned on their back. That’s how fucking stupid biker gangs are. They’re bound to be Feds on some level.
I just finished reading White Girl Bleed a Lot and I’m feeling the need for retribution, to ride and extract some recompense. What do you think about that, about the ability of a mobile man who has a certain command of certain tools to act and thereby generate copycat actions that might cascade into an effective movement to reverse the terrorism and slaughter?
In 2008 ebony on ivory mass attacks became the fastest expanding category of violence. By 2012, the rates were becoming so steep that I am sure that federal law officers had this discussion at some level, that some smart guy said at a meeting of sunglassed and suited minds in some hideous office building, that eventually the government-sanctioned open hunting of ivory civilians by ebony criminals was going to cause a backlash and begin a folk movement, a resistance to the anarcho-tyranny.
Contingencies were put into place, to prevent police departments to deal with NGO-sponsored purges of ivory by ebony actors by 2014, in time for the various riots, uprisings, etc. I actually had military contractors warn me off the street of my neighborhood during a curfew, men who had been hired to prevent me from protecting my neighborhood while packs of ebony warriors armed with bats, guns, gas cans, grille lighters and crowbars, looted the city and hunted us openly.
Then, all of a sudden, in the first year of the apostate king, in 2016, there were more mass shootings perpetrated by “white” men in that year than in the previous two decades. Indeed, that year saw almost as many “white” shooter shootings of three or more people than a normal month in Baltimore sees ebony on ebony mass shootings.
My theory is that these were mostly Deep State operations designed to generate copy cats, including characterizing mixed race men as “white,” as a prelude to disarming Ivory America and also as a vent to draw the impulse to fight back against the system that has set the dark dogs of reparations at our throats out into the open before it can have a positive effect.
I think that the thing the Deep State fears the most is that strong and able men will remain mobile and ready to help their fellow men in times of crisis, as crisis is the boon of the state, where it is born and reborn and forged and tempered as the chattel it feeds upon moo, and bleat for protection. So, I think, the best thing an able ivory ape with a motorcycle could do to thwart the evil beast that squats on our necks would be to travel the country helping his enslaved people get through the chokepoint they are being squeezed through.
Doing home improvements for a couple that has to spend 120 hours a week making ends meet where their boomer parents could do it on 60 hours is one example.
Walking a friend’s children home from school so they don’t have to be institutionalized in a government day care system is another.
How about guarding the front door of a church so no Deep State mass shooter gets in there among the sheeple? If you do that you will find a couple of men in the church who might want some training, might have a garage you can sleep in.
I’d really like to see all those asshole outlaw bikers just go solo as good Samaritans rather than pushing government drugs for government agencies. But that won’t happen because they are just sheep playing at being rams. In the end mobility is the only freedom we have. So, I would not jeopardize it by feeding the animus of the beast that feeds upon the harvest of hate that sprouts from its own evil deeds.
Let the World Fend for Itself
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