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Crackpot Podcast 68
Hell Yes Beto Crackpot Podcast & Declining Virulence of Tyranny
Checkout Lynn's rant on this blogspot post.
0:01:30 What did James think of the Dr. Dread ep?
0:06:40 Opioid crisis
0:20:07 "We" are going to do this & that
0:38:05 The purpose of democracy
0:40:40 Australian style disarmament
0:51:50 Crackpot meetup plan (NOT REAL)
0:57:30 Who's the fedposter?
1:03:40 Why to be skeptical of people like Richie Spencer
1:11:20 Grocery content
1:40:20 Guest poem
1:41:40 Important characteristics OTHER THAN IQ
2:06:45 Observatory culture vs participatory culture
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when you're food
taboo you
the greatest lie ever sold
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