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Night Manger
Red: Book 1 by Erique Watson and James LaFond
“This phony bullshit world has to end. We need some ancient power to remerge into this money matrix and drag us kicking and screaming back to what we were—men; heroes; monsters…”
-Erique Watson, Thursday, August 1, 2019 on a nighttime drive out of Baltimore, Maryland
Ever since we released Retrogenesis, the premise and storyline sketched out by Erique as he drove through Baltimore City after sparring at the gym, I’ve been waiting for him to make that right fist and clench it while snarling and driving and proposing an idea for a story, to do another collaboration.
The idea behind Night Manger is that the story we outlined in the back and forth, riding into the Pennsylvania woods from the Maryland hood one summer night, will be executed as scenes written on location, as I travel the country over the comming winter. These will form the first volume of a projected trilogy of novelettes that could be more easily rendered into comic form than more traditional fiction.
So, as I travel over the next year, and rejoin Erique seasonally, we are expecting me to write and publish the Night Manger Action scenes as open content.
The Night Manger Arcana scenes will be written together and only appear in the finished novelettes.
So, reader, imagine if you will:
A world of drugged despair.
A den of a dying breed.
A world where strength is sin.
A pit of sacred greed.
A world where the weak rule.
A warrior tribe afraid to bleed.
A War God swishing in a whore’s dress.
Imagine such a place and what cruel Fate might think it needs.
The first scene, Karmageddon, goes up on Monday, November 18.
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