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By the Wine Dark Sea
A Sourcebook for Adventures Set in Ancient Hellas: 650 B.C.
By the Wine Dark Sea is a book I wrote for a female novelist who wanted to do a story about an Amazon Heroine but wanted to execute the story in the correct period and conditions. It is perfect for use as a sourcebook for game masters or writers interested in the heroic period of Hellas, when men like Odysseus ruled from halls not much different from those depicted in Beowulf 1700 years later.

By the Wine Dark Sea is a sourcebook of martial life and heroic themes set in Archaic Hellas in 650 B.C.
By the Wine Dark Sea intended to serve the needs of the novelist, roleplaying game moderator, screenwriter, or video game designer, in crafting an authentic adventure setting with realistic socially functional characters. The author is at his best in describing the uses of the various weapons and the poetic traditions of archaic Hellas. Cover: Greek amphora, c. 490 BC, Nereus or Triton with scepter and dolphin, courtesy of Harvard Art Museums
Includes: A gallery of period heroes 100 page name-building glossary Illustrations by Joseph Bellofatto and other
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