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Cascadian Living 1
Postmortem Hate Training: 1/7-12/20
Tuesday 7
8:00 AM: 1 mile walk at base of mountain
1:00 PM: half cup pumpkin seeds, half cup walnuts, 3 celery stalks, salmon cream cheese
2:00 – 3:40 PM: 2-mile hike to shoulder of mountain and back
7:00 – 11:30 PM: plate of nachos, 5 beers, cup trail mix, all consumed against my will according to the Colonel’s orders
Wednesday 8
9:30 AM: 2 eggs, 4 slices bacon, 2 slices cheese
10:58 AM to 1:53 PM: hiked over the shoulder to the watershed and back, retracing 3 miles on the saddle, for a total of 10 miles. The elevation begins at 1000, goes steeply up to 1400, then gradually to 1600 from west to east, with the decline off the back end to the watershed much more abrupt. The route is 3.6 miles one way.
2:30 PM: 1-ounce pork rinds, 1ounce almonds, 5 strawberries
6:00 PM: 3 romaine leaves, 4 cucumber slices, 2 ounces elk, walnut lettuce salad with blue cheese dressing
7:00 PM: 1 miller lite beer, 6 slices salami
Thursday 9
12:15 PM: cup pumpkin seeds
2:50-3:40 PM: hiked 2 miles up a canyon from 950 to 1900 feet and 2 miles back down
4:00 PM: 4 strawberries
6:00 PM: bowl of chicken soup, bowl of chicken broth, with two tablespoons sour cream and to slices avocado
7:00 PM: 3 ounces pork rinds, 2 miller lite beers, 2 handfuls almonds
Friday 10
8:05-11:34 AM: hiked from 1400 to over 2000 feet on an old horse trail in the snow, sleet and rain, the ascent, including breaking deadfalls and branches, taking 2 hours and the descent one
1:30 PM: 2 ounces almonds, 4 strawberries
4:00 PM: 6 slices salami, 4 slices cheese, half bunch pf fresh parsley, 2 ounces walnuts, 2 ounces cashews
Saturday 11
3:00-11:00 PM: grilled oysters, beef-stuffed mushrooms grilled, grilled shrimp, grilled mussels, lots of lite beer, 5 ounces blueberries… Colonel’s orders
Sunday 12
8:20-45 AM: plyos
11:30 AM: 1 cup beef stew
4:00-10 PM: deep fried shrimp, clams, salmon, cod, raw celery, peppers, fried cabbage, lots of spicy mayo, not so much lite beer, grilled oysters… Colonels orders
This hoodrat better have an austere week before the next round of mead hall feasting or he’s going to start blowing up like a tick.
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GooseJanuary 13, 2020 11:21 AM UTC

James, are you in the Army now?
responds:January 13, 2020 6:22 PM UTC

A very small army, just the Colonel, two E-4 canines and this E-1 ape.