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'One-Eleven, Yo!'
Crackpot Mailbox: Harm City Hoodrats Back at It with Undercover News from Darius Zorn
With 12 peeps popped on Saturday 1/11 alone, three of them bitchez, in the same car down in East Baltimore, and most of the rest shot outside of the sanguine precincts of West and Northwest Baltimore, most prominently in the Northeast, Harm City has 5 more dead in one day, bettering their typical 1 dead for three shot hood-ratting average.
The age of the victims averages about 30 years.
With 11 killed in 12 days the boyz are back on the record-smashing pace.
The head faggot in charge, acting mayor, filling in while the former head bitch in charge is investigated for gun-running and human trafficking, did decry this weekend as a tragedy for the five families involved.
Below is a text I received from Darius Zorn, a man who trains with a former BPD officer, in their suburban enclave in a nearby state:
"So, I was talking with a former BPD officer today, who was a fellow [relationship and activity redacted].
Likely none of this is news to you, but as further admission/testimony...
This man admitted that yes, the BPD has lost control of sections of the city. He added that the department is particularly absent on the streets during 4th of July, due to the fireworks masking hostile gunfire.
The department pulls everybody in," he put it. He also tried convincing me to forgive the ]local law enforcement entity and relationship redacted] its BS, citing the BPD as an example of how organizations let bad behavior slide when they're short-handed. he must have assumed I held the BPD in high regard or something. Anyway, there it is. Were you already aware of the 4th of July policy?"

Sir, thank you for this. I was not aware that there was a 4th of July "policy."
I always noted that cops were only on the street around the Central District precinct [the only area they patrol now] on the 4th. I used to walk through the Inner Harbor while the works went off overhead to my South Baltimore night job. There were some ebony-on-ebony riots during the festivities and the cops let them ride and just cleaned up the snot and sneakers.
I did, around 2011, have a situation at Sensei Steve's place, where I rented a room, in which a federal law officer with his DC plates was getting a blow job from a crack whore in the driveway of the vacant house next door. We actually ran him off in our bare feet and he stopped and had the whore apologize to us for him after he noted us reading his plate number. Cops fear law abiding men as well as hoodrats and during the 4th, there are a lot of both out there. Actually, I have noted more gunfire on New Year's Eve
Interestingly, violence against non-hoodrats tends to be light on the 4th, with them focusing on rival ebon warriors. Again, when the BPD is locked down, guys like RJ and myself can defend ourselves without worrying about the PIGS swooping in to rescue or avenge their hoodrat auxiliaries.
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