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The Three Heads of Cerberus
The Three Faces of Anarcho-Tyranny in the American Undermind
I am tempted to include the idea of cynicism here, the philosophy of "dog-thought" codified by the obscene yogi of mid 4th century B.C. Hellas who, when asked to make a speech at a scared agon, publicly took a shit instead, and then asked Alexander the Great to move because he was blocking the tanning rays of the sun. But, I didn't want to get that American, in this nation where the "good people" buy dogs instead of have children...
This idea came to me based on a text from Lynn Lockhart:
"Telling nerds on the internet that fighting is good makes them lose their minds."
And a question from the Colonel:
"What would it take to straighten out Baltimore. How did the old timers keep order and keep the blacks from rampaging in the old days?"

Our dear editor is hoping that her daughters will have real men to marry of their own race in a nation where the aspiration of most crackers is either to become a chocolate chip or a sissy drip.
Poor straits we are in.
The answer to her incomplete question and the Colonel's spoken realization that he could straighten Baltimore out with his old Ranger battalion, if only he were allowed to, in a month or so, has three answers. Could someone please make a meme or cartoon of the actual Cerberus of Postmodern Anarcho-Tyranny?
The equal to the ancient three-headed hell hound guarding the underworld is the three-headed dog of the state.
The active head, in this slathering phase, is the ebony warrior, thirsting for ivory submission, contrition and repentance.
The twin to this vicious head—its sometimes factional enemy—is the PIG, the cop, the POLEEEEESE.
The third head, the pimply-faced big-brained head bobbing back behind the other two, is the SISSY. You see, it is only the contention of the money-making sissy that he needs police protection in return for his tax payment, that creates the cops. The ebony warriors of America never gave as good as they got in strife until the police came on the scene and started punishing the ivory workers for beating down the brown clown.
Then, when 1968 came along and it became a federal crime to defend one's self against and ebony warrior, the iron alliance was forged and those of us who are left as real men willing to fight against the ebons and lie to the PIGS, are caught between three fires, not just two, for the SISSY raises his head and calls for more police protection even as the police are virtually reassigned from tormenting ebons, who they have trained to hate ivory through a century of abuse, to hunting down the last working men willing to defend themselves. Police will henceforth be red flag task forces, assigned to serve and protect the criminals coming for us by night and day.
Below is a brief operational history of Baltimore, Maryland, the Federal test project for the future.
Dates are roughly 1900 through 2020
The sissy brings in his ebons to clear his sacred city of ivory working men and they beat ebon ass.
Cops are assigned to prevent a decisive rout of the ebon invaders by ivory defenders.
The ebons rise when their leader dies and are wrapped in the cloak of civil rights, it now a crime to beat and ebon warrior who attacks you.
Ivory flight is the response of men not allowed to protect them and theirs.
Then the sissy cries for a war on drugs, and it is joined, effectively arming the ebons with an arsenal of drug-bought guns, making defense by disarmed ivory workers even more hazardous.
Then the ebons riot again and the PIGs let them do it, literally setting them on the remaining ivories.
Then, just in case a few ivory holdouts have remained to man the new frontiers, men legally owning guns in outlying areas are targeted for gun confiscation or death by paramilitary police, even as any ebon who wishes to walk with an illegal gun can.
The entire reason the sissy invented PIGs and wrote his rules was so that he could have criminals and cops step on you, the hated cracker man of yore, the working "trash" cast off by the economic race of self-professed purity and seat-shining prosperity.
That is why nerds on the internet hate the idea of combat, because it is beneath them, something their ebon pets and PIGs are tasked with, Officer Friendly and his slinking ghetto allies protecting 1950s Fantasy America from the cracker contagion.
I may have been hunted by and harassed and threatened and attacked by dozens of PIGs and hundreds of savages in my 38 years in Baltimore, but I have always known that the real enemy was that sissy casting his vote for law enforcement, the laws that arm my hunters and prevent me from fighting back without going to prison for the greatest American crime—Self Defense.
Even child rapists are starting to get a pass. But the man who defends himself will always be hated by this sissy nation. John Wayne predicted it in Rio Bravo and its here.
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