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James Lafond's Net Worth
Crackpot Mailbox: Han Silo is on the Crackpot Case
Good news, bro!
Han Silo
Mon, Jan 13, 8:11 PM (2 days ago)
Showing James LaFond's net worth at over $880K.
That must be one of the educated LaFonds from the deep end of the gene pool from Illinois.

James LaFond <>
Mon, Jan 13, 8:26 PM (2 days ago)
this is hilarious!
Hope you are doing well.

Han Silo
Tue, Jan 14, 11:13 AM (23 hours ago)
The impetus for this was that a video from that Skallagrim person (ponytail guy with sword babe) popped up in my suggested list. Apparently some website put up a post saying that his net worth was $18 million, and he was laughing his ass off over it. The site purported to show the net worth of all sorts of weapons/combat bloggers. I couldn't figure out the actual site to see how you're doing, so I just searched "James Lafond net worth".
You had me completely fooled, I have to admit, but The Internet does not lie.

Han, I suppose I should be completely honest here.
Last time I checked I had $1,347 in the bank.
I should thank Third Rail listeners for getting me up over $1k with $350 in donations, which paid for my train tickets from Harm City on the Leased Coast to Paradise on the Bereft Coast.
Now to the wallet:
I fold my money like a blind man:
$1 x 6
$5 x 1
$10 x 3
$20 x 2
$50 x 1
$100 x 2
Cash coming my way January 27 thru February 6
kindle: $30.16
print: $85.49
patreon: $270-something, don't know, I can't log on due to techtardidness
Crackpot books: don't know—that's my bonus—can't log in on that site either
Thanks so much to all the book buyers and patrons who have financed my writing. I never thought I'd make this much money writing.
2018 I earned $3,800
2019 is definitely over $4,000
Things are looking up.
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