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Crackpot Mailbox: Electric Dan Wants to Know about Crackpot Pliability
Thu, Jan 23, 3:01 PM (5 days ago)
It seems like you are having fun hiking in the mountains. The land by me is pretty flat and boring farmland.
Have you written about what plyometrics you practice specifically? I might have it if it’s in one of your books already.
Take Care
Electric Dan

Dan, this might shock you, but I have not.
In my first book, as the only plyometrics I knew of where duck-walks for destroying knees, I advised against plyos, or ballistic stretches, and stressed warming up slowly and doing gentle, graduated static stretches. I now do both, mostly plyos.
I do ankle rehabilitation exercises without a bapps board, heel to toe rocking motions.
Standing on one foot, I bring up my instep next to the standing knee and touch it with the alternate hand and do this bilaterally, adding in outside heel touches and rising knee slaps, the knee raises using the same side hand.
I do side bends and waist rolls.
For my hands and arms I do wrist rolls, shake-outs and shoulder rolls.
What I work on the most is low back and hamstrings.
I stand with legs spread just beyond shoulder with and ease myself down with two hands to my fingers, then the palms, then rock from fingertips to palms.
Next I go one-handed in the same manner.
Then I start doing slow one-handed floor touches easing the resting hand behind my low back as I touch with the other then switch as I straighten up.
Then I do alternating opposite-side toe touches.
Then grab the opposite ankle in a static stretch for 30 seconds per side.
Then I bring the feet in to shoulder-width and repeat the process.
If those goes well, I then start alternating one-handed floor punches, practicing hitting the floor or ground with my clenches fist and bouncing at an increasingly high rate until my hands get sore. On grass or matts I hit as hard as I can with no arm action other than clenching the fist.
I end by bending down into a head-shield alternately keeping one hand behind the back and the other guarding against a hook punch, doing this slowly.
The finish is to go down into a two-handed shield with both fists behind the ears looking through the elbows, and hanging for a bit while the lumbar spine opens up.
I rarely do the entire cycle described above in one session, but pick and choose what feels good.
On hikes I will stop and do this with my pimp cane, bouncing the cane off my boot toes at the bottom of the cycle and hanging for a good static stretch for 30 seconds before resuming the walk.
My daily flexibility exercise is tying my shoes standing up and bending over.
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