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Under the Gottess
A Week’s Impressions of Media, Personal and Institutional Hierarchy
[Written on 12/6/19]
From Thanksgiving weekend until this following Friday I logged these impressions of current social norms at the twilight of Modernity, in the Postmodern phase, as we eke towards something other than our cultural peak.
Doing the online Medicaid re-enrollment [which I did not qualify for, $3800 annual income apparently too much to get the Obama plan, so am once again uninsured as I should be] there were only three images of humanity presented:
-The screen saver was of a glamourous mulatto family, a handsome man and a beautiful woman and their one rather pale boy. These highly mixed-race people are shown as elite by dress and activity, in their thirties, a little old to be starting a family, and cutting it short. Thus the aspirational class is propagandized with the woman dominant, with but one child.
-A family of four, red-headed ivory woman in her 30s and a slightly mixed African American man in his thirties, with two very pale mixed-race children, closer to their mother’s skin-tone. These people are plain and middle class, lower end models, not the beauties on the main page.
-A family of four, a blonde ivory queen, a very light-mulatto man and two highly mixed, racially indistinct children with blonde hair.
Thus the socially appropriate replacement-rate family of breeders is prescribed as mixed-race man of African descent and the palest women of European descent. The African American woman is absent unless in a glamorous sub-replacement rate context. The European American male is completely absent.
Monday 2nd
Taking a lady friend to a surgical center I observed the following strict hierarchy among the staff, from bottom to top:
-Janitorial and transportation, ebon men with substandard English
-Food-handling, Latinas and Asian men with marginal English
-Technical support, African ebony women with substandard English
-Low level nursing, ebony women with standard English
-Mid-level nursing, Asian women.
-High-level nursing, ivory women and men
-Doctors: Ivory men and Asians of both genders
-Administration, ivory women, one of whom approached me to determine if I belonged in the building, striding imperiously past an ebon man, a Hindu and a Muslim, and singling me out as a potential homeless skulker.
All of these people were empathetic, polite, kind and professional except for the striding blonde ghost bitch in her designer poncho and boots who spoke to me in a tone that commanded and informed that every man in the building was her servant.
Tuesday-Thursday 3rd thru 5th
Of the various folk I passed on the street and in retail outlets shopping for the not yet ambulatory lady-friend, the ones that were rude to me were all ghost women, ivory queens, the most materialistic species of human ever to mope across the face of the earth. The ebon kangs and ebony queans [not a typo, look it up snow nigga] were all very polite, courteous, a caramel woman asking after my purchase of 75 cans of coconut water, a snow gottess who tried to cut in line in front of me and was held back by a milk chocolate quean and an old man who held the door to the dollar store for me as I hauled away the groceries, 5 bags to a hand as another ivory gottess shook her head in disgust at my rude purchase.
Friday 6th
In a Safeway market shopping for jello and soft rolls for my friend, on her first ambulatory day as she hobbled next to me, a small, frail, cane bearing women who looks all the Eastern European refugee of WWII, a blonde, ivory Gottess demanded she move out of the way, told her she had to get past. As the deity pushed on by in her upscale regalia, my friend began talking about what “a rude, stupid bitch that woman is” loud enough to be heard and I admonished her, loud enough for the rude subject of our inquiry to hear, “How many times do I have to reinstall your filter before you stop mouthing off in public? Do you want me going to jail for jacking up the security detail that bitch sets on us—she’s queen and she knows it. Every single bit of TV programing tells her she has ultimate vaginal authority. This country has been in turmoil for three years now because we failed to elect the Bitch Queen.”
“Okay,” she whined, starting to feel the post-operative pain, as the woman passed us in the next aisle and made haste to get as far away from me as she could.
Two aisles over, as the now weepy lady friend staggered behind her cart and had a hard time making up her mind about turning into an aisle, a gargantuan ebon warrior, six-foot-ten and 400 pounds, stepped aside graciously and waited with patience for her to decide, until she said thank you, and passed, and the man with the sweetness of a saint smiled down into my one unpatched eye and said, “Good day, sir.”
Then, in the cracker isle, I see Gears of War 5 promotional ads on cheese cracker boxes, a game that has over 90% male players and a large majority of them being ivory. If advertising was not about social engineering at the expense of sales, but targeted to increase sales, these snacks, beloved by every table-top wargamer I know [all ivory] would feature a prominent ivory leader, an aggressive ebony point man and an Asian military goon.
But now, just like every single product ad I saw on the sportsball screen at my mother’s over Thanksgiving, which excluded ebony women and ivory men and placed ebony men as servants of ivory women, the box graphics all excluded Asian men, possibly the number 2 demographic for this game, featured the ivory gottess in the lead, as we all know that pale women lead all military operations in fantasy warfare media, with the obediently emasculated ebon warrior standing meekly by her shoulder, and the hated ivory soldier is far in the background.
This is quite fascinating, how medical propaganda only mirrors medical hierarchy in the elevation of the ivory gottess, that special operations soldiers are always depicted as mixed race and mixed gender, and led by women, when such forces are over 95% ivory and all male.
Also, the fact that the inciting of the worst elements of the ebony population to attack ivory folk with impunity even as they are depicted universally as sainted martyrs in the mass media, misses the mark on both ends, for over half of ebony folk, even in the worst parts of Baltimore, tend to be polite and considerate while most of the ivory gottesses, especially the middle class and elite, are uncivil, rude, imperious and cruel, even as they are depicted as munificent knowers of all in mass media.
Yes, I understand, in my neandering mind, as dear Lynn Lockhart has pointed out to me often, “This is war on reality.”
War on reality is obvious.
What is not obvious is that it is a winning effort and that while it seems on the face of it to promote ebony men over ivory men to us guilted ghosts, to promote racial strife between men, the true focus is ivory women over all, with ebony men their slaves, ivory men absent and ebony women only brought in from the distant periphery if they are light-skinned and attractive and culturally expressive in the postmodern version of European American Puritanism, such as the legion of mulatto mayors of the Distaff Left.
Ultimately, to this mind, I see the ivory man as excluded from all but comedic and villainous roles, with his heroic roles increasingly depicting him as a government assassin, as a systemic inoculation against the most stress-effective humans, men of European descent, while the least stress-effective humans, women of European descent, and therefore the most complaisant and most likely “new church ladies” of social control, are promoted as the know-it-alls and heroines in most TV programing, the necessary action hero merely a bio-mechanical sidekick.
That this fantasy hierarchy is more and more mirrored in the worlds of medicine [the modern temple to our self-worship], politics, military and law enforcement is astonishing testimony to the effectiveness of the TV oracle which seems to have conditioned us all.
The real enemy is not the ebon warrior attacking me in the street, but the ivory female educator and media hag who has brain-washed him to hate me as an oppressor as she stands upon my economic neck. 7 in 10 American teachers are ivory women. Interesting, is the fact that the ebony women excluded from most propaganda are prone to demand their men act violently on their behalf, while the ivory woman who is the goddess of most social propaganda is well known for demanding her men not act violently on her behalf but to sit back while the police handle it. I see this latter contrast as the reason why ivory women are the object of media worship and their men are the most reviled segment of society even though they commit crimes against society at a far lower rate than any other men except for the media-absent Asian man.
This week in my life impressed more than ever that the system is waging war, first and foremost, on manhood.
Alienation Nation: Surviving Cultural Free Fall
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FlintFebruary 5, 2020 4:51 PM UTC

I was in a Whole Foods in Venice, California. It was placed in a 3 to 4% white neighborhood hence, all the Latinos guards are heavily armed. I mean packing real heat. The stores of full of stoned white people, the ones that bought all the real estate near the beach and have turned them into a neighborhood of high fenced McMansions. People of color go to the 99 cent store right next door, as did I. You could get the same exact food there as at Whole Paycheck. I was in WF one day with a gf and I was standing right in front of the bottled milk about to grab a bottle when some blond zipped fight in front of us, we were less than two feet from the shelves reaching out to get said bottle, when said blond actually stood on both of my sneakered feet and then gave me attitude that my feet had dared to get under hers. I called her a bitch, very quietly, and she reported me to the nearest security guard, who fortunately had seen the whole thing. He dutifully wrote up an incident report, interviewed us. The blond left, he looked at us, said he'd seen the whole thing and threw the report in the garbage. All right there in the dairy department.
responds:February 7, 2020 2:09 AM UTC

Wow! Thanks, Man.