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Dogs and Pigs
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Something wholesome
Teutonic Fist
Mon, Feb 3, 4:50 PM (4 days ago)
really nice axe hook grappling here
at 2:45
and some clinging metal
Good to see. Reminds me of good times.

Man from Uncle
Police capture pack of dogs terrorizing N.J. town. At least 12 people have been bitten.
Wed, Feb 5, 2:56 PM (2 days ago)
Video of dude fighting off pack of dogs. Funny how they run away when the cop pulls up. Dogs know pigs?
Man fends off pack of dogs that have terrorized N.J. neighborhood - YouTube
Wed, Feb 5, 2:56 PM (2 days ago)
The breeds were favored thug dogs. bad people owning dogs is a great recipe for Darwinian selection in suburbia—hopefully these packs will expand and start eating people alive.

No doubt the Khan will find this amusing
Mon, Feb 3, 10:45 PM (4 days ago)
A likely harem I'd say.

Sat, Feb 1, 11:44 PM (6 days ago)
Aside from the paranormal aspect, are you familiar with a tunnel network under Bodymore?
There is one main tunnel that goes from lower Northeast Baltimore to the harbor. I'm sure horrible stuff has happened in there. Sounds like a fitting underworld for Harm City.

Dennis Dale
Sat, Feb 1, 1:49 PM (6 days ago)
Ghost Snatcher looks interesting. I'm reading it now.
I've been on a dystopia kick myself:
I really like the story, especially the setting: "The main tent occupied a slight hollow where the fog pooled like liquid, lapping at its edges. The pennants on its peaks hung damply limp. Its slanting support ropes vanished into the mist on the ground where he could see one or two figures moving about. Looking down from the slight rise, it looked smaller than when he first saw it years before." Nice atmosphere.

‘Why didn’t you stay in Mexico?’ Diversity and inclusion meeting turns volatile at Michigan school
The Autumnal Son
Thu, Feb 6, 6:09 PM (17 hours ago)
Listen to the Gottess wail...
On a job site the brother and the Aztec would each be appealing to the paleface to undermine the other. I laughed good on this.

this should be cool text only
Thu, Feb 6, 5:54 AM (1 day ago)
Most of the slain are palefaces—go figure.

The Neanderthaloid is strong in these two
Thu, Feb 6, 9:40 PM (13 hours ago)
Boxing champs in ancient Hellas were known to take on political roles later in life
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Bryce SharperFebruary 14, 2020 9:39 PM UTC

That's why I never leave home without my privilege, James.
Bryce SharperFebruary 7, 2020 3:57 PM UTC

"Man fends off pack of dogs that have terrorized N.J. neighborhood - YouTube"

Pitbulls, again. Time for spears, arrows, and guns to take them down.

Most of the whites shot by cops are likely vagrants.
responds:February 14, 2020 5:26 PM UTC

Being a paleface not sporting actual demonstrable privilege has been the greatest sin in this nation since 1607.