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Dispatches from Hell
News by Text, Phone and Email of the Harm City Whorl
Tuesday, 2/11/20
“Hey, Baby, your hoodrats are kicking it. News flash just came across the [TV] screen that Baltimore City had eight shootings last night with four dead. I guess these people just can’t stop killing their own kind.”

This sounds a little sloppy for the Harm City Hoodrats. I’m sensing some Chicongo Windage creeping into the bullpen…

Wednesday 2/12/20
“Two officers on the U.S. Marshals task force shot in Baltimore while serving arrest warrant.”
-JJ Pozinsky

The federal Goboment has done everything it can to undermine the Baltimore City Police Department in order to conduct their direct federal policing program on a full-sized stage, a city of 500,000 or more. However, in the process, since 2015 an entire generation of violent criminals have come of age fearless of the police, any police. There are going to be more contacts such as this in the future.

Wednesday 2/12/20
“Yesterday morning, at 6:30 in the morning, three of your subjects, one armed with a long gun, robbed the I-Hop on Loch Raven Boulevard.”

The situation with the I-Hop would be an inside job. Girlfriend of one of the robbers may have told them when the cash control window was open, or, one of the robbers or an associate used to work there. Almost all retail robberies like this are supported by inside intelligence.

“We have had 39 murders already this year—4 killed yesterday. Today, about one o’clock, down at Cedonia and Radecke [where I rented an apartment in 1982 and where I was chased by 4 hoodrats in 2016] this Federal-State task force served a warrant at the garden apartments on a former Department of Corrections official who was wanted for attempted murder in Pennsylvania. Two officers got shot, one in the leg, who almost died and one shot multiple times in the stomach who is I critical condition. One was County and the other City. [This spot is under a mile from the City/County line.] They killed the suspect. It’s really getting terrible! The one thing I think is funny, you know the young fella that goes out to the crime scenes to report on the violence, you can see he’s wearing a bullet proof vest under his jacket.
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