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Crash-Landing on Planet Robot
Tuesday, April 7, 2020 Morning and Afternoon, three walks, the late morning walk running 5 miles.
There are a scattering of individuals out taking exercise on bikes, skateboards, walking, jogging and standing on electronic unicycles. Half are masked.
There are various mated pairs—husband and wife and such like—with half being masked and the other half not.
There are numerous dog walkers, none of whom are masked.
The Portland Produce Company is packed with citrus, apples, mangoes, cabbage, melons, potatoes, onions visible by the pallet.
Paper towels are back on the shelf at the dollar store, but toilet paper is still being rationed by distributors and reserved for employee purchases on site. Anyone who violates the 10 foot social distancing at the dollar store is castigated by the church lady at the register.
A new boarded storefront proclaims:
Graffiti is proliferating on businesses, opened and closed.
A side street sidewalk chalking proclaims:
Stay Safe Friends
People are obviously stressed in a low-key lonely way.
Police sirens for the past week occur at triple normal frequency, for what I know not.
The biggest difference is in human behavior when people are in pairs or trios and are wearing masks. These people shun the unmasked, stop and point, shake their heads, and keep a good 50 feet of distance.
People walking unmasked in pairs or trios tend to go 15-feet off [which is a non-athlete’s general interpretation of 6 feet] and compensate by making eye contact and saying hello or some other greeting.
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