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Filthy Few Roster
Final Online Post for the Filthy Few
Team 1
Going in the front door, taking out the MCs and organizing the egress and evasion
-1. Shayne “CO” Rasmussen
-2. Joey “Bone Claw” Bennet
-3. Luther “Puttin’ in Work” Wlawislav
-4. John Paul Barber
-5. Dexter “Diddin Du Nuffin” Brown
Team 2
Going in the back and side doors and windows too take out sentries, rescue and evacuate the children, slaughter the perverts and demo the mansion
-1. Sam “Dirt Cult” Finlay
-2. Oscar “Wrong Place Wrong Time” Malvida
-3. “Downtown” Charlie Brown
-4. “Big” Rick Brentwood
-5. “Mean Mean” Ruben Dean
-6. Bill “Alexei Nikolaevich” Withers
-7. “Mopin’” Drey Slavie
Shadow Team
Insertion, Over-Watch and Egress
-1. Bill Walls
-2. Big Ed
-3. Manny Soprano
-4. Nate
-5. Clued
-6. Glasgow Ned
Target: Red Rock Mansion, Evenston Wyoming
-take out the bad guys
-rescue the children
-slaughter the perverts
Rally and Extraction Point:
Bear Lake Utah
Pay Arrangement
-Presidential pardons for Team 1 and Team 2
-Presidential citations for the Shadow Team
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