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What Are Your Thoughts on the Minneapolis Riots?
A Question from the Rebel Yell's Henry Mencken
I have put very little thought into this phenomenon.
My eye seizures were vey severe this last week and weekend and I have been struggling to finish historic and fiction projects.
I did wake with police helicopters this morning, hovering over a very nice part of the Northeast, and, based on the brief bit of news coverage I have gleaned over the past three days—maybe 25 videos and news reports for a total of a half hour, I have outlined a book of my impressions to be written in June, titled Harpy Haj.
Most of that material will not be posted online.
I think that the frayed fabric of America is ready to be unraveled, and rewoven upon the loom of the Media State. The agrarian and Industrial models must be fully forsaken for a purified state of conformity resting upon the scarred shoulders of the only folk to ever be oppressed, by the only oppressor folk to ever be guilty of privilege.
Shamdemic herd management methods have proven that the Modern mind has a 95% herd immunity to reason and reality. Therefore the anarcho-tyranny model of 2015-2020 Baltimore will be broadly initiated across the nation. Riots, purges and shamdemics all serve the concentration of Media State power towards the ultimate end of total mind control coupled with centralized control and management of human reproduction.
The intermediate goal of ending small business all together and achieving Media-Medical-Law Enforcement Corporatocracy will include, over these next five years:
-Interagency Federal Law Enforcement Task Forces in over a dozen American cities on the Baltimore model
-An eventual pandemic act similar in scope to the Patriot Act
-Inclusion of the medical establishment in the law enforcement structure, such as medical police dispatched to remote patients' houses who admit to having guests or possessing weapons
I remain curious as to what form the new federal policing initiatives will take.
Governors have found immense power in shamdemicism and can be expected to extend these decree-based rulership methods to other aspects of life such as banning unlicensed agriculture [gardening and raising chickens], implementing forced resettlement and other population control initiatives.
The governors stand as 50 wild cards as the Postmodern Feudal reality takes form under the New Church, the Universal Conformity of the InfoTech giants, who will eventually have their own law enforcement agencies.
However, in the interim, I am left wondering what form the federal system of enhanced social control will take:
-Will federal task forces continue to operate on the Baltimore model?
-Will there be an inter-agency council, in which six or more federal law enforcement agencies will coordinate efforts to impose social control, waging war on Americans similar to how the Joint Chief's of Staff are dedicated to exterior force projection?
-Will one or more pandemic and unrest agencies be created to maintain social control?
-Will State Police and National Guard become more involved in municipal policing?
-Will the military be used to maintain social control?
-Will military contractors and other private law enforcement agencies, act as civic control mercenaries?
-Will medical networks and hospitals form police agencies to enforce quarantine and disarmament in domestic spaces?
-Will InfoTech companies form private law enforcement units to enforce political correctness?
-Will activist groups such as the SPLC, Antifa, BLM and the ADL be granted police powers to enforce and facilitate integration?
-Will the major religious churches—most of them financial institutions dedicated to population replacement—be granted police powers and paramilitary latitude to enforce removal and replacement of privileged Americans to make way for the innocent peoples of the world?
Of these 10 questions, I find it improbable that 5 will not be answered in the affirmative before 2025.
-In the meantime, watch for plainclothes cops acting as cadre leaders among rioters.
-Watch for pre-positioned riot supplies, like the pallet of bricks parked on one street last week.
-Watch for federal cops posing as white supremacist in order to kickoff the alabaster hunt.
-Watch for ban's on group functions of individuals that are all melanin deficient and arrests based on lack of diversity, even in pickup football games, which are currently against the law in Maryland.
-There will be a surge in red flag laws and raids, which picked up during the shamdemic.
-There will be arrests and persecutions of shop owners interrupting the sacred interplay of Ivory-Goddess-Bantu looting.
-In reference to the last item above, stay away from kneeling faithful worshipping the Bantu God on his blue cross. This is the New American Islam, and the harpy sys-mom on her haj into oblivion is leading the way with her goading bray.
Enjoy the ride, Alabaster Frost—soot summer is upon you.
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ncJune 2, 2020 5:19 AM UTC

Full moon 6/5/20, one day from 6/6/20 and we all know how the SDC likes their sixes. I expect the next ratchet up Friday night into Sat AM.

Married to one of those AWFLs, wasn't that way in 94, but she is now.
responds:June 2, 2020 10:03 AM UTC

I now have a pith helmet and am confident that my attackers will not be so attired.