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Tamarno! #2
Emma and Chandler against the Gloomshine
Chandler wiggled his jaws loose from Emma’s inspecting hands and said, “Well, this is a special day. When the grownups come back from stupid-time, you won’t be able to understand me anymore—it will just be barking again, but I’ll always be your best friend.”
Emma hugged Chandler and sighed, “Oh Chan-Chan, I love you.”
And the clouds grew gray outside and darkened the day.
Chandler looked over her shoulders and he shivered as they both looked outside at the gloomy, gray day.
“What is it, Chan-Chan?”
Chandler shivered again, “It’s the Shadow Man and his gloom-shine. That’s what has all the grownups in stupid-time.”
Emma grew angry and snarled, “What stupid Shadow Man? Besides our grownups are just fine!”
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of the sunset world
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