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The Binding of Isaac
Tuesday, April 7, 2020 after Nine P.M.
As Yeti Waters played guitar and composed a song about bitches being crazy, his two boys engaged me in their favorite card game, called the Binding of Isaac, which is based on the Old Testament tale of a patriarch willing to sacrifice his son. The art is really disturbingly bland and babyish and instead of Abraham being willing to sacrifice his son to God, Isaac is a baby whose mother willingly kills him for some drug dealer pedophile or some such sick shit. The children, 10 and 11 are very up on this Mom as monster metaphor and follow this animated adventure game and this card game like women used to follow soap operas.
Even Yeti Waters finds this really disturbing. I bought them this card game at their request and depend on their mythic knowledge and card game mechanics to help me through it. I was the Blue Baby, an infant zombie killed by Mom looking for revenge. Many monsters and boss monsters and talismans litter the profane game: there is Mom, Mom’s hand, Mom’s dirty razor, Mom’s pills, Fatty, Mega Fatty, Delirium, etc.
My Blue baby managed to arm up with meat for additional combat prowess, a dead cat as a meat shield, and poop as extra armor.
The idea is to collect 4 souls, which I think is in the subtitle or the game. The one aspect of the game I refuse to use is screwing over and killing other infant players battling the monster world of drug addict moms. I pointed out that I’m not just being “nice” as they call it, but that it’s us abused, cursed and doomed babies against the adult world and we should team up and slaughter as many of the bad meanies as possible. That made the game more fun and we cheered each other on as we fought the terrible adults and their wicked ways.
The design of this game is such that I would never introduce it to a young person who is not already into it as a video experience. However, it’s extreme negativity and obviously “Against the Goddess” vibe, appeals to this old heathen, so I have already ordered them the expansion pack at the local nerd store. Whatever young damaged minds came up with this game stand as testament to the evils of Western Civilization at Endgame.
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