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The Good Old Days
Mark is a big strong man who has a business boarding up commercial establishment. His commentary is below.
I’ve always worked for myself.
My brother and I began doing home improvements right out of school and we immediately switched to commercial because people are just crazy. Homeowners, they’re all nuts.
I’m boarding up a lot of buildings. It’s just for show. You can still break in but it makes them feel good. I use half-inch plywood. Costs about $30 a sheet and it goes up quick. Four guys and it’s done in two hours. We sink the screws into the aluminum window frame—zip, zip, zip.
No, the cost doesn’t include removal. I don’t want all that plywood—you kiddin’ me?
We had it good growing up around here. We didn’t have two pennies to rub together but we had bikes and we made ramps to jump them. My dad’s yard—he didn’t give a shit about grass—was basically a baseball diamond. We made the underneath of the deck into our dugout and we played ball. Kids don’t do stuff like that now. What kids? All the kids are from other countries. There are no more of us.
Remember go-go bars?
I always liked big, sloppy titties, not those plastic things stuck under the arm with the nipples sticking out to the side. Please, that just ain’t natural.
Three of us were camping over in Pensy [Pennsylvania] one time and it was raining hard. We said the hell with this and went to this go-go bar.
We go in and there’s this girl—the only person in there—playing a video game one of those old video games. This was back in the day in the early 2000s.
We sit at the bar and she comes over behind the bar and serves us drinks. Then she sets out the menus and asks us if we want anything to eat. Then she goes and cooks the food and brings it. Then she puts on some dance music, goes up on the stage, takes off her top and dances. Then, when we want more drinks, she puts on her top, comes down behind the bar and serves us. I tell ya, she was a one woman show—she did it all.
Go-go bars, done, gone.
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