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Tribes? Pizza Wars?
Brett Wants to Know Where These Are
Tribes Vol 1
Fri, Jun 26, 9:22 PM (2 days ago)
HI James, Do you still have copies of this at all? Your pizza games? Looking to buy a copy

Brett, thanks for your interest.
There were only about a dozen Tribes RPG supplements made, and who knows where they are.
I have a Tribes manuscript including all the issued periodicals and additional material, which I am using as back story for a series of Tribes novelettes, which begins with Supplicant's Song, and continues with Confessor [unpublished]. The Tribes RPG manuscript only exists in hard copy so is just private notes for the fiction.
Pizza Wars had a 2,000 copy run and they are all out there somewhere.
I don't have any.
Thanks again for the interest, Brett.
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SeanJune 28, 2020 2:57 PM UTC

Found this copy