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Does social justice trigger a mothering instinct, especially in childless women?
Sun, Jun 28, 2:13 PM (2 days ago)
I dont know if this sort of thing interests you, but the title is only the first few minutes. The remainder contains a description about how the barriers restraining sociopaths are broken is fascinating. Evergreen is a college in the PNW, that was essentially taken over by SJWs a couple of years back.
Don Quotays
I will check this out sometime in August when I have enough internet to view videos.

MSM Propoganda Mega info dump
Fri, Jun 26, 3:43 PM (4 days ago)
If it interests you, a collection of MSM agitprop/fake news etc.

Criminal Justice Reform Idea
Fri, Jun 26, 11:07 PM (4 days ago)
This is one of Styxhexenhammer666's latest videos. I thought you might find the idea of a Criminal Coliseum interesting.
Best regards,
- Mike.
Thanks Mike. I don't care about justice and don't believe in reform. I do however admire criminals for their command of Reality.

Dennis Dale
Sat, Jun 27, 4:52 PM (3 days ago)
Hope you're safe wherever you are. Just saw this news out of B-more.
Dennis, I think I ran into one of these dark lords two days ago. These are the new anarcho-tyranny police.

Catch Wrestling
Charles Olson, catch wrestler.
Take care.

This fellow has an interesting youtube regarding cartels in Mexico.
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