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Devil Dick Day Ja View
With a Rendition of an Ivory on Ebony Crime
An Email Dialogue from 6/28/20
Yesterday, I woke up with the sun, and made my way downtown on a long walk. I brought my speakers with me, to play spliced together audio of Alex Jones ranting. One such clip is him exclaiming "tap water is a gay bomb baby..... I don't like them putting chemicals in the water that turn the freaking frogs gay".
Take that globalists.
Well, at some point on my walk, I saw a family with young kids, so I turned down the speakers. They seemed frozen in place. I look to my left where the crossing is, and see a transexual with no pants or underwear, spreading its ass cheeks. The light turns green and I cross, the family of helpless Asian weaklings behind me.
"What do you think tap water is, it's a gay bomb baby". I believe it said something like "You think you're woke", naked and spreading. I felt pure hatred at that moment, this thing doing this in front of women and children. As I walked on, the tranny was still blabbering about the frogpills I was dropping. I pulled out my anti-dildo, which got the thing to shut up.
Further down the street, a block or two, there was construction going on. As I got there, an officer was there on speaking into his radio, looking directly at the tranny still spreading its cheeks. I kept walking, and got as far away as possible as I could. In retrospect, it’s obvious I'm living under the shadow of the iron dildo. I'll further mention our cops are dealing with BLM, who our mayor has sided with. I believe we will have openly gay predators here at some point as heterosexuality is phased out.
Recently, I've noticed black people are a lot more afraid of me. Even when they're in big groups. All the while certain demographics like bugman white people and brown people have grown more hostile. This had led me to theorize that the social bullying is growing more extreme, and these latter two groups are attempting to treat me like shit since I’m supposed to be at the bottom of their negro overlord hierarchy. Unfortunately for them, I am not a part of their gay society, and they will have to suffer what they're trying to inflict.
As there as less people like me to scapegoat, I believe these not as dark minorities will become the new targets of the chocolate demi-gods wrath. May Floyd Mayweather find their necks comfortable to kneel on.
-Devil Dick

Dick, sounds like a nice day in the neighborhood.
Overall, in Harm City and Harm County I have noticed the following:
-Non criminal black folks are terrified of me.
-Criminal ebonies avoid me.
-Cops and apex criminal ebony aggressors are hungry for me, their bully impulse recalibrating to the new social order. Be doubly away of cops, my friend.
-Upper and middle class whites avoid me like I’m a leper, as if I’m the zombie in the zombie movie.
Within both of these dysfunctional and de-cultured mega-races we are seeing an extreme separation by class, which makes sense as we are primarily a monetary society.
To the extent that tribalism is being practiced it is being played out according to the ideological imprint handed down from on media high.
Let me give you a recent story about Nick, a man who is now 19 and who I have known since he was nine, who has wrestled for 15 years of his life on local, state, regional and national levels. Nick is wiry and fit and wears polo shirts and has a very pretty Asian girlfriend.
Last week Nick and his girl were in the Popeyes Fried Chicken joint in an ebony area of Harford County Maryland called Edgewood, near the Army Arsenal. Five Bantu Yutes about his age started making fun of him, calling him a pretty boy and saying he wasn’t man enough for such a pretty prize. They were trying to act like rednecks and failed miserably.
Nick got up, “Okay you wanna see what this yuppie boy is about, you step outside!”
He walked out and four of the darksome deities stood aside as the largest confronted Nick, who slammed him to the ground and beat his ass in a few seconds.
Nick asked if there were any more takers and there were not.
Ebons are in general ill-suited to contests of will. In the City, those our guys would have made fun of their champion.
If these were Harford County rednecks they would have piled on Nick while he was grounding and pounding their buddy. As it is, these weak-ass ebony yutes essentially masturbated to race porn depicting them as the rape victim.
Please Paleface, if you keep in mind that the PIGs are allied with those race crusaders that will seek to hunt you down, you should be able to live a life of high agency until the Medical/ Media Corporations, Deep State, PIGs and Dark Knights converge on you at your Alamo. In the meantime, enjoy the street cred, the Dracula-like aura of fear that is the pallid afterburners of your spent ancestral trace and live on in the tiny minds of guilty ghost and dusky deity alike as the deathly shadow of a once ravenous and now slothful race.
It is more conducive to the Aryan frame of mind to linger as a dethroned Titan cast down as a hated monster, than it is fitted to the Bantu mind to wax as the lionized symbol of some other people’s sin. The world is our enemy and as such I’d rather be hated than pitied—for there is more power in that dark reflection than in being mourned as some dying civilization’s delayed defecation. .
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I'm a Devil Dick fan too.