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‘What about the Coming Race War?’
A Friend of Color is Wondering What Steps He Should Take to Defend His Family against the Ghost Army
Okay, this question is only being asked by two groups of folks: people of African American media orientation and rural Christian ghost people. Both sets of people are fixated on the nightly drama of riots in two distant cities: Portland [until this Deep State-NGO Operation the safest mid-sized city in America] and New York, [until this Deep State-NGO Op the safest large city in America.]
We are so media conditioned we do not stop and think why are the two safest cities now war zones, or at least reported to be so. For one thing, reports are skewed. People consuming left and center media are told that the president is sending federal officers to kidnap innocent civilians. People consuming conservative and right media are shown videos of a ghost man being stomped to death by lefties. Both sides labor under the impression that innocents are being swept up in the violence, when in fact these are mostly NGO and Deep State actors deployed and often compensated to do battle in this street theater, for the purpose of dividing us into hateful factions.
As I drink coffee, West Indian espresso, costing a fraction of the Folgers and Maxwell House brands that make up most coffee sales in the U.S., how can I fail to be surprised at American media conditioning. I mean, most of us buy the worst for the most thinking it’s the best for the least.
Unless you are in Portland or NYC what does it matter what happens there?
Interestingly, people in those places [Portland and New York] who I have communicated with are less concerned with their actual immediate reality than people trapped in Kwaranteen and being fed media two thousand miles away. Much like the Baltimore Riots of 2015, when the world thought that reality was the media spectacle and I knew it was the purge on the streets, be guarantied that whatever news coverage you watch from extreme left to extreme right, is heavily falsified by omission, false context and especially the fact that media scripts come from the ClitoralIllnessAxis and FussBudgetInterns. The Deep State has many competing entities, which have factions within a given agency, factions that might even kill actors from other factions. From It Could Happen Here to The Daily Sto$%^&, these media nodes serve the master class even as they rage against it. For a lie to remain aloft, all that is required is a false polarity, which is the very axis of the American Mind in its individual and collective forms.
[Above, note which extreme media source I can and cannot name for fear of hate tracing and determine whether the left or the right is in the current power position. If your preferred source can be named, you are hated by an extreme alienated minority. If I cannot name your preferred source without fear of association, than you are hated by a boldly raging majority. You are either the witch or the witch-finder and should act accordingly.]
I told my friend that the race war is over and his side has won and we are in reconstruction. But I do not think he understands any more than my rural gun-owning Christian friends understand. A war is only waged to get a nation to kneel. This nation has kneeled. War over. I am evil purely by virtue of my bad skin and pale pigmentation.
War over. Mop up operations are being conducted. During this phase the media is going to terrorize people into thinking the war is about to start so that they might be singled out for punishment. Reconstruction of a defeated people is always concerned with the potential for civil war, which was the very thing that brought it into existence. Thus the golem fears no one more than his creator.
So what does a concerned father and husband do?
He stops being an American!
I actually know more about this man’s neighborhood than he does based on a handful of visits over 2 years, because I am pedestrian trash and he is a functioning American, an economic unit that drives out of and into his parking spot on his way to and from work. Now, with kwaranteen [I spell this like this out of fear of using the word in print, just as I fear using the word that rhymes with minus and the one that rhymes with Ovid.] in effect, he has the ability to do what I did, walk his area and meet people, assess and befriend men, note ground trace and criminal activity, note cop activity and where pick up weapons like lawn bricks are handy. My first time visiting I found a dive bar and made friends. My second time I walked the perimeter searching for the mythic bad neighborhoods, which turned out to be good areas on my violence compass.
Forget media tropes.
Walk your zone.
Who treats you well?
Who treats you like an enemy?
Who aggresses against you?
Build your own stock of operational context observances and be ready to flex them as they change from area to area. I used to travel with a man of another race through a zone where my race was preyed upon and then through a zone where his race was preyed upon, so that we could offer each other racial cover from aggression. Our risk profiles changed by the very mile. His name was Jwan, a tall handsome man of coppery hue. We had two things in common. Both times that people tried to kill us, it was people of our own race.
Develop radial risk profiles for your area in five zones:
-1. Your house
-2. Your yard
-3. Your block
-4. A block out to the main drag
-5. The main drag and other access ways to and from your home zone
Develop doctrines for your operational commitment in each zone.
For instance, combating crime in Zone 5 is stupid and Zone 4 problematic and you do not have a decent chance of surviving legally for any combating of crime that is not conducted within your house.
I have routinely found that those who I was told would be a threat to me have not been, and those I was told would help me would not extend the helping hand.
Other people’s stereotypes do not apply to us.
No man is equal in the uncaring eyes of Reality.
We are stronger or weaker, better or worse.
You have to build your own qualified stereotypes without projection.
Find your reality and make sure the media filter that has been installed in your head goes in the trash.
Racially, the big problem is going to be for people who are identified as “the lack of color” who are assigned ancient privilege, such as myself, being an entity of pure pallid evil wafting wraithlike across the nation I somehow oppress. [I am here afraid to use the five-letter word, for it is taboo and the witch burnings are coming.] The danger spot is to be designated as an aspect of the paranoid fantasy of some other age’s notion of purity. I no longer feel like I can write that 5-letter word. That label will increasingly be affixed to light-skinned people of mixed race as they are accused of being “the absence of color.” This has already happened to one man I know twice.
The left wing fantasy that the tiny minority of gun-owning Christian ghosts who have fled to tiny creases in distant mountain ranges so that they might be left alone, that these people will invade cities and suburbs, that is a Deep State implant. That implant will be triggered to begin purges of reclusive ghosts by NGO and Deep State agents posing as “the absence of color.” NGO ghost people posing as “Wh*&^n Su#$%^&*#@!” have already been staging ops attributed to that tiny minority of distant and fear-filled rural people. This is to drum up media support for a ghost purge, whereby Christian ghost gun-owners have their thrice evil status used against them in media-sponsored purges by federal agents and NGO actors. This will clear wilderness areas for sale to Chinese real estate investors and enrich the urban elite.
The race war is over.
The purge of pale America has begun.
Any resistance will be used to whip up a crusade against more ghost gun owners.
Mixed race people will be walking an increasingly knife-edge reality as new notions of racial purity emerge from this engineered mass insanity. We are living in an age of hysteria that rivals the Reformation for the potential of witch-burning and scapegoating.
Pale = evil.
Dark = good.
The person in between was once in a power position as a social link. That might hold in spots. But now that color has become the very designation of good and evil, perceptions might turn against the mixed person.
The best thing a man of any brand can do, is to stop acting like a branded commodity labeled by the media, shed that externally assigned identity, stop being an American [which means nothing other than being an economic unit out of touch with reality, especially immediate reality] and just be a man: an ally to your neighbors, a friend to other capable men, a set of eyes on the streets that only breed fear in Americans because we long ago gave them over to criminals in favor of worshipping at the altar of TV and concerning ourselves with distant fantasies rather than near realities.
Remember, that as people that look like me are being hunted and beaten by mobs and shot in their beds by SWAT teams, the perception will remain that my friend of color is the actual target of violence. This is the effect of worshipping the gas-lighting machine of the media. I have been attacked by men that looked like him a hundred times for every time he has been insulted by a man who looked like me. Yet, the Oracle of the Collective Lie beams brightly into our minds, telling us that what we have lived is not real and what we see and hear from the illuminating face of the Shinning God is not the fantasy that it is.
Dude, just patrol, make friends, build alliances and live in reality.
Turn away from the Shining God.
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